Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Rearranged Room :D

So, I spent the majority of yesterday rearranging some of my furniture, procrastinating on doing my calc homework, eventually doing my calc homework, helping my sis assemble her new bookshelf, moving her old bookshelf into my room, and moving a bunch of books around.

It was a busy day. :P

Now! I have another bookshelf in more room to hold some of my many piles of books lying around my room on the floor. What's really sad is the fact that I still have quite a few piles of books still lying on the floor, since my bookshelves couldn't hold them all. 

These are the piles beside my bed against my wall.
These are the piles in my closet.
It's so sad! XD 

Basically, this just means that I need to get my butt in gear and start reading like crazy so that I can donate or sell the books that I don't particularly want to read to make room for the rest of my books on the shelves.

This is my sis's old shelf that she gave me. I dub it my "already read shelf". The top shelf is my favorite books (my friend's my Hunger Games series and my sis has Little Brother by Cory Doctorow). On the left side of the second shelf is my miscellaneous books that didn't fit my other genres. Right now, its genres include: spy, thief, historical fiction, dystopian, and time traveling. The other side of the shelf is my required reading for school. The third shelf is contemporary. The fourth shelf is paranormal/fantasy/magic. The last shelf has my yearbooks, school workbooks my sis gave me, and my manga/graphic novel magazines.

My two small bookshelves now hold half of my TBR books, since it couldn't hold all of them. Although the top shelf of this bookshelf aren't TBR books; they hold my middle grade and translated novels that I've read along with my dvds and such. 

The rest of the bookshelves are TBR. Obviously, the top shelf of this bookshelf holds my literary books, the half of the left are the ones I'll be reading in AP lit later on this year. 

Annnddddd.... that's it. 

I really should study for my calc test on Friday seeing as how I don't know what to do half of the time when given a problem in there... -__-"

Bai bai~



  1. Where do you put all your books once you read them?

  2. If I really like the book or have a certain reason to want to keep it, I put it on my big bookshelf which holds all of the books that I've read and wanted to keep. If I didn't particularly like a book or didn't like it enough to want to keep, I usually sell it to my used bookstore or give it to someone.