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Although I do have a poetry response due by Friday... but I'll get to that eventually. :P

Anyway, there's so much that I never had the chance to talk about since my last update since I was so busy doing homework and projects and papers and studying, and I still haven't filled out any college applications yet. D: But I refuse to talk about that right now. I blogged about my dilemma a while ago. 

So, like usual, I'm going to give my version of a brief recap on everything that's been happening lately. :P

On Friday, the 12th, my friend Bryan convinced me to get on my brother's XBOX 360 to play with him even though I've never even played on the at all before. In the end, I ended up creating my own profile and avatar and such, spending $12.50 on XBOX Live Gold, which lasted up to 3 months. So, we ended up playing a private game on Modern Warfare 2 where he taught me how to play and stuff over the mic. I didn't play for long, though, since it was one in the morning and I was tired. 

The next day, though, I created an account on Netflix because I thought that by buying Gold, it said that I could watch Netflix on there, but that wasn't true. However, you get a free month of Netflix for signing up, so I still get to watch movies on my laptop and on the XBOX anyway, which is awesome, because I found so many movies and tv shows and anime that I've been wanting to watch, but never had the time.

I still don't have the time to watch any of them, though, since I've been so busy with school, so I'm quite sad about that. Maybe I'll have time to watch something tonight. :D Actually, I need to catch up on The Nine Lives of Chloe King, which I started watching a week before school started. I mean, the acting's not that great at times and the plot isn't that original, but I can't stop watching it... Plus, I'm too lazy to read the books anyway. :P

Anyway, I basically stayed up until 1-2 in the morning doing homework. It was insane. I was practically a zombie by the end of the week. Actually, I drank coffee in the morning on Thursday and Friday, and I was kind of hyper by the 2nd half of the day both days. 

But seriously, NO ONE TOLD ME THAT YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE IF YOU TOOK AP LIT. We have so much work in that class! We had a group project due on last Wednesday, a college essay due the next day, and a poetry response due the day after that. 

Bryan and I stayed up til one on Facebook's video call thinger working on our essays and poetry response and math homework. And we were on there for more than 2 or 3 hours. NO SLEEP. NOT COOL.

But, because of one of the projects for AP Lit, I made a new friend who I like to flail around with. :) Her name's Mia, and we were assigned partners for our A Lesson Before Dying (it's a book! nothing too morbid, lol) project. So we met twice, after school at The Bare Bulb and at my house on Saturday, and had awesome ideas on how to make our PowerPoint slideshow be awesome and hilarious. So, a plus side to AP Lit, you do make new friends. :3

The people at The Bare Bulb are going to get to know me pretty well, lol. I've already been there at least once a week since school started, and I was there for an hour on Sunday with Emma for a study group for our Calc test today (which I think I did pretty well on! :D), even though there was supposed to be more people coming, but complications and church and such. :\

Actually, I'm pretty sure that The Bare Bulb will be getting to know the senior class of HOCO pretty well throughout the school year. At least the honor students anyway. :P

Also, I found out on Sunday while my family went out for lunch together for the first time in ages (the 'rents wanted to try out the Golden Corral), that once I go off to college, my parents and Brian are moving back to Hawkinsville to live there at the house on the farm that Daddy's in the process of building right now. That means that after I'm done packing for college, I'm basically going to have to pack the rest of the stuff anyway. D:

One of the first thoughts that I had after hearing the news, I could only think, "how am I going to read my books?" I mean, there's no way that I could bring all of my books to college, and my of TBR books are the majority of the books that I own, so, if I had to pack all of my books away, how was I ever going to be able to read them? I asked Shelle that, and she said that, over the summer, I shouldn't get a job; I should just babysit and read and only read. 

I think I'm going to do that over every holiday and weekend whenever I have the time to do so. :P Because I miss reading YA instead of literary books, according to goodreads, I'm 5 books behind my schedule of my reading challenge. Not cool, yo. I was 8 books ahead before we left for Vietnam over the summer. But then I hit that reading slump afterwards and was too busy with school to do much reading, and yeah. Now I want to read like crazy, but I don't have the chance.

I'm glad my room doesn't have as many books as this, since it'd be a major pain to pack up, but then again, how cool would it be to have a room like this? :D
Plus, there's something else that's been keeping me pretty busy. My super sekret, epic plan.

Actually, it's not really a plan. It's a game. An AWESOME game. Called Assassin. 

You've probably heard of it before or seen it on a tv show or something. You know, that game where you get assigned a target (another player of the game) and you have to take them out, and once you do, you get your target's target as your next target, and you keep on taking out other players and the last player standing is the winner.

That's basically what Assassin is. 

A few weeks ago, I was reading a book called Spray by Harry Edge and was inspired. In spray, it's a city-wide game where people kill their targets with water guns. Players from any age from 15 and up can play, and there's 200 players in the game. 

So, I was reading it in school during the times when I had nothing to do, and I was thinking about how awesome it would be to play the game at school. I told some friends about it and they all agreed that it would be epic, so on Friday the 12th, I was ready to tell the rest of my friends about the game and get their opinion on it. 

I told my friends about it at lunch and we agreed that it should be a seniors only game or else it would get too chaotic having the whole school playing the game, and I spent the rest of the day telling other seniors about the game. Luckily, in Lit, we had to go to the multi-purpose room to get our transcript checked, but there were only 3 counsulers there and 2 or 3 classes full of seniors that I knew the majority of, so I went around the room, telling groups about the game and making the rules as I went as questions arose, most of them based off of the book. 

Then, after school, I texted Jeffy to see if he was busy later because I had to babysit and I wanted to talk about the game with him and get his input. So, around 8, we went walking around both of our neighborhoods while I told him about the game and catching up and revising some rules, with a promise to write the rules that night and emailing it to him for him to proofread and give feedback. 

I had originally told everyone that I was going to make a group on Facebook for the game and adding everyone that was a senior on it and having the added members invite their senior friends to the game to get more players, but Jeffy convinced me to let only the admins be the ones to approve of the invited friends before they joined the group to make sure that no underclassmen could get in. 

I also knew some special cases that I wanted people's opinion on, because one of my new friends, Seth, is considered a junior since he missed too many days of school last year to pass even though he's taking senior classes this year, and Josh is a junior who takes senior classes, and therefore, knows the majority of the seniors playing the game. Everybody that I asked said that they were okay if the two joined the game, since I was the gamemaker and I could do whatever I wanted, but I'd rather be democratic and have a majority vote on things like that, you know? Give people or ideas a chance instead of just shooting everything down and all.

Anyway, the way to play Assassin is basically like Spray, except for the water guns, because that's totally against the school rules. 

Firstly, to be a player, you have to have a Facebook account so that other players can be able to see what you look like to know who to look for if they're your targets. To "kill" your targets, you have to put a sticky note or sticky with your name on it (you can have symbols or messages on them if you like) without them knowing what you just did. Afterwards, you have to tell your target that you killed them so that you can find out who your next target is. Also, you can only kill one person a day, which gives you time to stake out your next target and also because you have to get on Facebook later that night to send a message to one of the admins (Emily, Jeffy, or me) so that we can keep track of the players left in the game and to make sure that they have the right target. In addition, you can't attack in the classrooms, at your target's workplace, or in your target's home unless they invited you inside first (otherwise, that'd be called breaking and entering :P).

That's basically it. There's some other small stuff (enough to make it 3 pages typed up O__O), but yeah, that's it. People keep on "killing" their targets until there's one player left, the winner. Still don't know what to do for the winner, but I'm hoping that I'll get enough people to donate some moneys to buy a giant cupcake or something for them. Or make a crown that says Assassin on it. :D

Anyway, everyone that I told the game about was really excited to play since this had never happened at HOCO before, and some people were even talking about how, if this game went really well (it doesn't start until Sept. 1st), it could be the start of a HOCO tradition, hopefully seniors exclusive. 

How awesome would that be? I only started the game because I thought that it'd be a fun little game to play with my friends, but for it to become a tradition, that would be pretty amazing. I really do hope that the game won't become a flop, though, because I really want everyone to enjoy playing the game. 

It sucks that Emily, Jeffy, and I can't play the game since we're the admins (we're assigning everyone their targets using a random list generator at random.org, so that it's fair), but I do like the fact that I helped create the game and the craziness that's bound to ensue; I'd feel really happy if everyone else was enjoying themselves, too. :)

So yeah, that's the SUPER SOMETHING EPIC that I kept on mentioning for the past week and a half. 

Now, I'm going to read or something. ^^

But before I go... some pics from The Hangover, cuz they're funny. XD

Peace out!


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