Tuesday, August 30, 2011


How can it only be Tuesday? 

I feel like I've been swamped with homework, projects, playing around, and planning epic plans for more than just a few days. It's insane. 

But yeah, yesterday, Shanice and I stayed in Graphics for an hour and a half, Shanice doing make up work since she got transferred in the class two weeks after school started and me helping her and finishing my assignment in Graphics. After that, I spent the rest of the time helping Godfrey cleaning and sorting his room since the technical adviser guys were coming today. 

We didn't expect to stay behind that long since Shanice, Jackie, Seth, and I had already made plans to meet up at Jackie's house and attempt to straighten Seth's hair (I don't even know how we got to that topic during lunch, but hey, he was willing to let us do whatever with it :D), but Jackie had a pep club meeting until 4 on Monday and her straightener was broken or something, so we had a change of plans. Instead of meeting up at Jackie's house, we were going to meet up at my house and Shanice was going to bring her straightener since I didn't know if Shelle left hers at home since she moved to her apartment earlier. 

So yeah, Shanice and I didn't get home until almost 5 o'clock, and by then, Seth and Jackie had already arrived, and so had my mom. It was extremely awkward for everyone, lol, especially since I didn't tell my mom or cousins that we were having guests over. But yeah, Shanice and I came up with a cover story: this was for a marketing project. XD

We ended up taking an hour trying to straighten Seth's stubbornly curly hair. In the end, his hair was still a little curly at the ends, and he looked like he had Justin Bieber hair but extra fluffy and long. It was pretty funny, especially when we put a whole bunch of pony tales in it. I'd post some pics of his newly straightened hair, but I think that'd be incredibly mean for me to do, showing his embarrassing pics to a whole bunch of strangers on the interweb. :P

Then we started talking about maybe doing a flashmob during our Reel Club trip to the CNN center or something. Then I had to kick them out since my mom was babysitting for me while I was "working on my project", and it was already 6:30, and I hadn't done any homework or did anything for Assassin. -__-"

Today, we got to show our EPICOOKIE commercial to our marketing class, and it was, hands down, the best in the class since we were the only ones who made a commercial, and also because everyone else's skits were painfully awkward and hilarious.

Plus, our commercial included nerf guns, crazy little boys, random subtitles, and hilarious bloopers. Just sayin. :P

I'd blog some more, but I really have to do my calc homework, work on my lit project, work on the Assassin game, figure out which poem I want to write a poetry response on for this week, attempt to do my physics homework (which I didn't bring my book home, so... nah. :P), study for my upcoming two day calc test (no calculator on Thursday and calculator on Friday), fill out college applications, print out my admission tickets for the SAT and ACT, and, oh yeah, babysit. 

I thought senior year was supposed to be easy???

slightly depressing, but totally true. 

Later peeps!




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