Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Book Addiction, E-readers, Hurricanes, & Such

Sadly, no IMM this week. But! I spent around $70 buying books online last night. This is bad, I know, especially since I hardly have enough time to read any book besides the ones I'm assigned in AP Lit nowadays. But the covers are so pretty and the plots sound soo good and I've been reading rave reviews for all of them... I couldn't stop myself. -__-"

(Did I even give myself a book buying ban ever since I got back from Vietnam?)

Maybe once I get the books, they'll inspire me to find time to read like crazy. :D Although my shipment from Amazon isn't coming until January cuz I pre-ordered John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. But I thought that Amazon usually ships the pre-orders on the day they come out and ships the rest of the books the following week that you ordered them? That's how it was the last time I pre-ordered anything from there. But that was a while ago...

Anyway! You should definitely pre-order The Fault in Our Stars on Amazon if you like any of John Green's books because the pre-orders are going to be signed! And there's a 5% chance that your copy of the book will also have a Hanklerfish, courtesy of Hank, John's brother. Found that out on their vlog; those two are hilariously nerdily awesome. :D

Also, I should prolly tell you now before I forget again, but since I don't have much time to read or write anything non-school related, most of my book reviews will be mini reviews since I honestly can't take enough time to write and analyze what I liked and didn't like about a book that I just read. So yeah, sorry in advance. 

Plus, my free month of Netflix is going to be over in a few weeks, and since I don't get enough time to watch anything in the first place, I want to spend some more time watching movies and stuff on there before deciding if it's worth paying for a few months more of Netflix since it is relatively cheap compared to going to the movies and stuff anyway. 

In addition, I've been thinking over the past few days if I should get an ebook reader. Not anytime soon, though, since I'm short on cash and I've already got a ton of physical books to read already. But if I make up my mind and decide to get one, then that would give me enough time to slowly start saving up for it without totally bankrupting me. :)

I was thinking about getting a Kindle or a Nook for when I go to college since it would be a lot easier to lug around one of those than a whole bunch of books (I still need to read all of those books though...) around to college and on trips home and stuff. I mean, ebooks usually are cheaper, too. But, I love having the physical copies of books where I can easily go to my bookshelf and turn to a favorite passage and stuff. Plus, a lot of hardcovers have really cool features of lettering on the book underneath the dustcover that I love discovering once I get them. Plus, there are a lot of books that get discounted or go on sale after a while, so they're pretty cheap, too. 

But if I did get an ebook reader, I think I would get a Kindle so that I wouldn't become distracted by the prospect of going on the internet like I know I would on the Nook. Plus, I know from friends that Kindles really do last a long time before dying out, and I know that my eyes won't strain from staring at the screen for so long like it does when I read stuff on my laptop although I still won't be able to read books in the dark like I can with the Nook. 

So yeah. Kindle or no Kindle? Ebooks or physical books?

Actually, I really should be working on my Lit project... Jeebus, why does that lady give us so many projects anyway?! I really don't want to do itttttt. :(

Plus, I already have to work on another project today. I'm going over to Josh's house later today and meeting Kirk there to work on our Marketing project. We're going to film our commercial of our awesome product, the EPICOOKIE. NO YOU CANNOT STEAL OUR IDEA, WE'RE GOING TO GET IT PATENTED. ...EVENTUALLY. XD

That should be fun, especially since we're going to have nerf guns to protect our armored truck holding the cookies. But, we're filming outside wearing all black in 99 degree weather. D: Oh well, we'll survive. :)

Talking about weather, I know that Hurricane Irene is hitting the northeast coast, but I think that the southeast could also be affected a little. I dunno; I wasn't paying that much attention. -__-" Anyway, I hope the hurricane's damage won't be too bad. 

In conclusion, I really should go work on that project, lol. 


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