Saturday, March 8, 2014

This week was super busy :c

This past week has been so busy it's kind of ridiculous, lol. I'm just so glad that I didn't have any midterms to worry about like most of my friends. Instead, I was busy working and practicing for the most part of the week. I just couldn't believe that I kept on going home after midnight everyday except for last night (although I might have stayed out later hanging with Lauren if Daddy didn't need me to help him with some paperwork).

I always come home late on Mondays because that's when the new episode of Teen Wolf airs, and I usually am over at Jackie's house watching it with her and on Google Hangout with Shanice if Jackie's not working late. We usually hangout until after midnight speculating what's going to happen and checking out everyone's reactions and gifs on Tumblr because we have too many feels okay, so my mom's used to me being home late on Mondays.

Tuseday was the first day of the A-Sun Tournament, so I was working that day. We all got off a little early, so Brooke and I stayed to watch the game to see if we won, because if we did, then we would be working the game on Thursday, which would be the semi-finals. And we did win! It was a good game; I think we beat them by at least 10 points, lol.

After that, I went over to Shena's house because she asked me to be a dancer for this choreography she ended up doing for MViet, even though she doesn't go to Mercer, lol. Basically, we were going to dance to this Vietnamese song for an even later this month. Since I suck at dancing, it took us around two and a half hours for me to learn the first part of the dance that she had come up with. She said that I was at least better than Kimberly, because it took her three hours to learn the moves, lol.

So after I go home and answer all of my mom's questions, because I forgot to mention that I was going over to Shena's after work and because my mom is always interested in my Vietnamese friends, I take a midnight shower and end up going to bed around two or three. 

What sucked was that I woke up around seven the next morning, which was at least an hour earlier than I needed to get up in order to get ready to go to a meeting that morning before my first class started. And I couldn't go back to sleep so I was super sleepy all day, almost falling asleep in all of my classes. I got a Caramel Crackacino at Jittery Joe's, which the baristas told me was essentially four shots of espresso with caramel syrup and would keep me awake for the next ten hours, which was what I needed before going to my last class before heading off to work. So yeah, I think it helped, but I was super jittery and shaky for the next few hours until I forgot about it at work.

But yeah, I worked on Wednesday for five hours because they were having a high school tournament that started at one that day. Since my last class didn't end until 4:15, I didn't have to work for as long as some of the other student workers, but I did have another dance practice with Shena after the last game was over, so I didn't come home until around 12:30 that night before crashing around one.

You'd think what with the caffeine and sleep deprivation that I would most likely sleep in or something, right? WRONG. I freakin' woke up around 6:30, and after drowsing for 30 minutes, I couldn't go back to sleep. I was so angry at myself because I had work that night, too, so I didn't want to be half dead on my feet because it was the semi-finals and just a really important game in general. Plus, they were giving free tank tops to the first 350 students who went. Through much luck and lucky placement at work, I managed to get one. :D You don't understand how happy I was to get one since I didn't get a chance to last year.

But yeah, the game was pretty busy until after halftime, so we ended up closing up four minutes before the game was over. Brooke and I, and a lot of the other workers actually, stayed behind to watch the end of the game, only it didn't come as quickly as we thought it would. 

You see, the game was close the entire night. We would either be tied with the other team or one or the other would only be a few points ahead of each other before the other team tied again. So it wasn't a big shock that we ended up going into overtime. What had Brooke and me going crazy was the fact that we went into a second overtime. The game was super intense the whole time! Every time we scored a point or managed to capture the ball again, the student section would go crazy, jumping up and clapping and throwing orange and white streamers in the air in celebration. And in the end, we won by three points, and it was glorious watching the student section storm that court after the buzzer ended, lol.

The game started at 8:30 instead of the usual 7:00, and since we went into overtime twice, I didn't get home until midnight. I just wished that Thursday was actually Friday, because the whole day seemed like a Friday, lol. Probably my wishful thinking since I just wanted Spring Break to finally come. :P

Friday wasn't bad. I actually slept in until my alarm went off at nine, but because I slept longer than I'd been during the whole week, I was still actually pretty sleepy during half of my classes. Luckily, Jay decided to let us out early, and so my Spring Break started 20 minutes earlier. :P

I hung out with Lauren for a couple of hours on campus before going home because Daddy needed help with paperwork and Lauren need to do laundry and pack up for her trip back home. 

So yeah, that was my crazy week. I'm just glad that I only had to worry about a proposal due on Monday, or else I would have bombed any tests if I had any. :P Now I have to worry about writing my research paper that my proposal was on by the Monday we come back. D:

And I swear I'll write about the concert soon! I can't believe it happened just last week! It feels so long ago already, lol.

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