Saturday, March 29, 2014

MViet Dinner, Holi, and Cramming

Dude, I was not kidding when I said that this was going to be a busy week. I literally had no time to do anything but practice, cram, and work on stuff this whole week. Look at my schedule!

But this week was also pretty fun, lol. I made a lot of new friends and had a good time in between being so busy. I don't know how people juggle having such a busy social life and still pass classes. :c

Monday, I had dance practice with everyone and ended up volunteering to help out with handing out food for the MViet dinner before and after we have our performance the next day. Basically, I was in charge of handing out banh xeo with Jake, lol.

We couldn't practice on the stage because another club had reserved the room for until 9, so we were practicing in the lobby area outside for an hour while everyone else in the club was working on stuff for the event, lol. We only had 20 minutes to practice onstage before I had to run out of there to go to Jackie's house to watch the season finale of Teen Wolf (which dude, that ending!

The next day, right after I got out of class, I went over to help them prepare and get ready for our performance since Shena wanted us to wear some makeup and have our hair curled so that the hats would stay on our heads better, so she had to do that for me since I don't even own a curling iron. Then she had to let Jasmin do her hair since the bathrooms didn't have outlets in them, and she couldn't do her own hair without looking in a mirror. 

Then it was five, and everyone was busy changing into their outfits, and Shena was doing everyone else's hair, and it was time to start serving food! The only thing that sucked was that I hadn't had lunch or anything to eat besides breakfast and a snack in class, so I was starving. In the end, Shena, Jake, and I ended up sneaking food when we weren't that busy, lol.

Then there was the performance, which we couldn't start until Shena's dad came because he was going to be so mad if he missed it, lol. Not gonna lie, I made a couple of mistakes, but people said that we were pretty good and looked like we were having fun. That's prolly because we couldn't stop laughing because Carina kept on whispering "smile guys!" at us throughout the whole performance. 

After the performance, we took a lot of pictures because Shena really likes taking pictures, lol. My Facebook feed is full of them. 

Eventually, it was seven, and we started cleaning up after everyone left. The guys had put up some of the tables and moved the rest to the center of the room so that they were all connected, and we had a feast of the billions of leftovers along with some Vietnamese karaoke. XD 

When we were done eating and actually really cleaning up, there was still so much leftovers, even after people boxed some up to take home. So many boxes, man. Luckily for me, there were still a lot of umbrella cookies left, so I grabbed a bag full, lol. 

But man, cleaning up took a lot longer than I thought it would. Shena and I didn't leave until 9-9:30, and they were almost done putting everything up. 

Then I went home to study for my Marketing test that has been pushed back twice already, lol. I didn't do that much studying, though, because I had to finish coming up with the front design for my club's t-shirt and send an email to my prof so that he could send it out to everyone. 

Kimberly had designed the back, and it looks awesome! Too bad the colors won't be the exact same since the online shop I'm ordering from it doesn't have that peach color. 

But yeah, after advising for summer classes and my regular classes were done on Wednesday, I was in the library, trying to study for my next test before I went to a guest speaker for extra credit for my Marketing class, when I ran into Shena. On the way to the library, I saw a lot of advertisements written in chalk around campus talking about Holi taking place from 5-7 that day and saw them setting up on Cruz Plaza, so I was on Facebook, looking up what exactly the event was about. 

I really wanted to go, but the guest speaker was at 5:30, so I was indecisive. But after running into Shena and talking to her about it and then surprising Alec, who was also in the library, we all decided to go. We ended up running into the girls from the dance performance there, too, lol.

Basically, Holi is an Indian tradition of celebrating the beginning of spring by throwing colored powder at each other, so that's what we did. We changed into the white shirts that they gave out and went to different tables that held bowls of different colored powders and threw them at each other. They also had water balloons, which was awesome. 

The only thing that sucked was the moment when I didn't close my mouth in time, so I ended up getting a mouthful of yellow powder. I couldn't stop spitting out yellow, lol. And my glasses, man! I could barely see after a while. 

The funny thing was that the event was supposed to last two hours, but it ended after 20 minutes because we ran out of colored powder. XD I totally could have made it to the guest speaker presentation if I wasn't covered in powdered, lol.

The cleanup was a pain though. Shena and I spent a lot of time in the library bathroom cleaning off our arms and faces. My sink was slightly stained green. -__-" I changed back into my black shirt and went to my car to change into a pair of shorts that I always keep just in case I work out at school, because I refused to drive home in my black seats wearing colored clothes. :P

But I ended up sticking around for the MacTown Breakers dance practice later that night with the gang from earlier, so I didn't go home until 10 anyway. On the bright side, I'm learning how to do a basic six-step and baby freeze, and we did some fun group exercises.

Like, we all laid in a row on the ground with one person laying diagonally on top of all of us that we were moving every time we rolled to the left or right across the room. Whenever the person at the end was free, they had to quickly run over to the other end so that the person at the top wouldn't fall flat on their face. It was great. We messed up the first few times, but we finally got it right when it was my turn at the top, and we moved Alec all the way to the end of the dance room when it was his turn.

Then we took a group picture where we were doing a pyramid. Shena and her friends really like taking pictures, man. But it did look really cool. XD

Thursday was busy because I had work after classes were over, and even though it wasn't strenuous--I had to learn how to use the big printer for the giant posters we were printing for the conference we were holding next week--I really needed to cram for my Media Law test on Friday because I have not had any time to study for that test, and he gave us 95 pages of notes to study for. 

So yeah, I stayed up until 2:30 studying and then woke up a couple of hours later at 6:30 to continue studying because I wasn't done reading over all of his notes. I even skipped Marketing to study, and I'm not sure how I did on the test. :/

After the test, I went to work on making labels and nametags and helping them with the tote bags afterwards. Then, Cam and I went to dinner because we were starving and haven't hung out in 5ever, lol. He showed me his new house he was living with his roommates, and his room is really nice! Just sucks that he doesn't really like his roommates anymore, lol.

Then we went to dinner at Olive Gardens because I wanted Italian. Our waiter gave me the wrong pasta, so it took a while longer to eat, but my order was really good. The pasta they gave me had way too much onions, lol.

Then I hung out in the TCO lab for a while before picking Marc up at 10 to go to Midnight Movies. We ran into his roommate already in line, so we cut and stayed with them, and then Marc cut right to the front of the line because he knows everybody, so we got our tickets pretty early once they actually started accepting them at 11, lol. 

We were all watching Divergent, and dude, I'm so glad we got there early because the seats filled up fast. The theater was almost completely full, and I swear, almost everyone we talked to had already read the book, lol. But I guess it was a good thing Marc and I hadn't read it yet, because a lot of our friends were disappointed at the changes the movie made. 

But we thought the movie was pretty good. There was a lot more humor than I was expecting, and watching the movie with other college students definitely made it funner because of the comments and clapping and awws going through the crowd, lol. 

Now I really want to read the book, but there's so much to dooooo. :c

So yeah, this has been a very eventful week. Now I need to work on my schedule for next semester and my Marketing project before meeting up with my group tomorrow and study for my Management test on Tuesday this weekend. So much to do...and all I wanna do is watch YouTube videos and catch up on my shows. -__-"

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