Saturday, March 15, 2014

My White Collar Addiction

These last few days, I have been completely binging on the tv show White Collar. The show has been in my Instant Queue on Netflix for a while, but it wasn't until my friend, Forrest, told me about it a few weeks ago that it really caught my interest. Since I didn't really have much to do over my Spring Break, I decided to start watching White Collar.

Basically, the show is about a criminal named Neal Caffrey, who is a super suave conman and forger using his skills to help the FBI solve white collar cases. The show is intense and comedic with just enough drama to keep you watching the next episode.

I'm still not sure if I regret my decision or not. :P Because, like I said, I became completely addicted to the show these past few days. I watched a few episodes on Monday and Tuesday and liked it the show, but then, suddenly, I became really addicted and invested in the show, marathoning whole seasons on Wednesday and Thursday and half of today. 

There are currently five seasons out, with a sixth season still in the talks, and I'm already halfway through season five. My addictions and lack of self-control scare me some times, lol. I was totally prepared on finishing watching all five seasons throughout the rest of the month at the least, not by the end of the week. -__-"

But the show's so good! I love the characters and the plot so much! I just love Neal and Mozzy and Peter and Elizabeth and Jones and Diana; their characters are interesting and complex and great. And the cons that they pull while catching the bad guys are genius and nerve-wreckingly exhilarating. Some episodes are just like watching Ocean's Eleven, full of great distractions and beautifully executed stunts. Not to mention the character development, especially when you compare Neal's growth with each season!

And I love how diverse their cases are because it lets all of the characters go undercover as some of the most hilarious people in their situation. Like the time when Diana was a cigar girl, or when Neal was a substitute teacher for a posh school, or when Neal, Peter and Jones were wealthy bachelors for a speed dating event.  

But yeah, I've been watching White Collar these past few days instead of working on my research paper, so I'm completely screwed since I only have tomorrow to write it, but it's okay. I just need a rough draft for Monday, and I think I can do that within 24 hours. 

However, it's already 30 minutes until midnight, and I'm running on three hours of sleep, so I'm just gonna continue watching White Collar and worry about the paper tomorrow. :P

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