Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some more awesome "Let It Go" covers

"Let It Go" is such an awesome song and people's covers are just as awesome. Here's some more amazing covers of the song.

I've followed JunCurryAn on YouTube for a long time, nearly since the beginning of his YouTube career. His violin covers are really good, so it was no surprise that his "Let It Go" cover was also great.

Apparently this Africanized Tribal cover has been going viral for the since it was released, and I'm not surprised after listening to it. It's seriously amazing.

Also, here's a ukulele and guitar version by Sungha Jung, because he's just an amazing musician.

And my sis recently showed me a freaking amazing metal version of "Let It Go" that I just had to share. Listen to it, it's so good!

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