Saturday, March 22, 2014

MU: Duke-Slayer :D

Yesterday was a great day. :3

I never considered myself much of a sports fan, but after working at concessions at basketball games for the past two years, I have found myself pretty invested in our men's team, lol. After our last home game, where we won the Atlantic Sun tournament in a nail-biting, super intense game against Florida Gulf Coast University, we reached the NCAA tournament for the first time in 29 years. 

To help support our team, our university rented out buses for students and faculty to ride to go to the game; they left on Thursday afternoon and came back Friday night after the game was over. Because I was supposed to have a test on Friday and a research paper due on Monday, I didn't sign up. Instead, most of my friends and I watched the game on Friday with the rest of the students at Mercer at Mercer Village, which they had closed off and had set up a big LCD screen to show a livestream of the game. 

It was really great for many reasons. My teacher had moved the test to Monday (which is both good and bad for me because research paper! D:) since a lot of students were going on the bus trip, and since a lot of teachers were either canceling their classes on Friday or moving them to a different time to before or after the game was over, my other teacher had canceled Media Law and my Marketing teacher let us out of class early since we were just reviewing for the test. 

So I met up with Marc for lunch at Margarita's, which had all of their tvs turned onto the game. Unfortunately, even thought the game wasn't on for another 45 minutes, the place was already full, so we had to sit at a table outside. Luckily for us, we chose the table right near the door, so we could see the big screen through the open doors. Stephanie came and ate with us since the line at Ingleside's was also ridiculously long, lol.

So we ate and watched the game and then joined everyone else in front of the LCD screen. The weather was really nice, although sitting in place with the sun shining down on you in a crowd of people, really didn't help with the heat problem, lol. But it was still really fun cheering with everyone every time we stole the ball or made a goal. 

The game was pretty evenly tied with us always tied or a point or two behind Duke. That is, until the last two minutes of the game. Oh my God, it was so crazy. Suddenly, everyone was standing up, jumping up and down and cheering and yelling our heads off because we were dominating the game. It was freakin' insane! So many free throws and scores and steals! The crowd was going crazy, and we couldn't be stopped!

It was crazy, just 20 seconds before the game was going to end, the LCD screen stopped working and we were all panicking, lol. So we ran to Margarita's to watch it on their tvs, and it was just as crazy as it was outside, lol, with people standing on their tables and continuous cheering and hooting. It was great.

After that, Marc and I ran back to the square to celebrate with everyone else there. And on the LCD screen, it showed one of our players doing his victory dance, which involved the naenae. Now it's almost every news article about our win and all over vine, lol. 

That, and some article called us the Duke-Slayer, and I friggin love it. That, and lots of people were posting pictures on fb about us tearing up millions of brackets with our win, lol.

But that's not the end of my great day! Afterwards, I hung out with Emily and Meethu since this week was Emily's Spring Break, so she was actually home all week, lol. We decided to go hangout at the mall and then eat at Cheddar's, and I was stopped more than once by people telling me "Go Bears!" or how they watched the game and loved it. This was because I was wearing my MU Basketball tank top that I got for free at our last home game, lol. 

So yeah, it was a great day, and I'm really hoping that we'll win tomorrow's game, because I already signed up for the bus ride to the game (seven hour bus ride!), and I really need to finish my research paper today because I doubt that I'll find time or have enough battery life on my laptop to finish it on the way to or from the game tomorrow. 

So no more procrastinating! I need to get this over with already! >:c

...and I just found out that I'm getting sick. Lovely. I don't think I can handle a bus ride. :\

Regardless, I need to finish this paper today before I get even sicker. 

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