Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shows I'm Currently Watching: Grimm, Criminal Minds, Suits, Lie to Me, Kuroko no Basket

In between watching the last episode of White Collar, I started watching three new tv shows. Yeah, I don't really know what I was thinking either. -__-" What with all of the recent shows I've been watching, it's no wonder the first two shows are in the police/crime genre.

I've only watched two or three episodes of each. Not totally sure if I want to continue watching all of them or not since it's nearing the last month of the semester, and I'm really not going to have time to watch anything what with projects and tests to worry about.

Currently Watching: 

Not gonna lie, I was interested in Grimm because it seemed like a mix of Teen Wolf and Sleepy Hollow, both shows I'm a big fan of. So far, it's not bad. The show's slowly revealing its mystery and mythology, and Nick is an interesting character. I just really hope that his girlfriend doesn't die like how Sam's died in Supernatural, lol. Also, it was much gorier than I expected, which was totally fine with me.

My friends' recommendations usually never prove me wrong. For example, White Collar had been in my watched list on Netflix for a long time, but it wasn't until one of my friends told me about the show and praised it that I eventually started watching it. One of my other friends has been going on about how great Criminal Minds is that I decided to give it a shot since I seemed to be on a criminal kick after watching White Collar.

The first two episodes proved to be interesting, but I haven't exactly warmed up to any of the characters, which makes it hard for me to want to continue watching a show, so I dunno if I'm going to continue watching it. I'm gonna give it a couple of more episodes before I decide, since it took me a while to get into Supernatural, and wow, my last semester would have been so much more productive if I hadn't became addicted to that show. XD

Suits definitely reminds me of White Collar, except for dealing with cons and crimes, the show focuses on courts and laws. It's probably because both shows are from the same company that they both share just the right amount of humor and drama and smart characters to keep me hooked with every episode so far. I just love how arrogant and self-assured Harvey is compared to how out-of-his-league and clever Mike is. Of the three shows I started watching, this one is definitely my favorite so far.

Maybe Later: 

I think I mentioned this in another post a while ago, but I started watching Lie to Me sometime last month because we were talking about nonverbal communication in one of my classes. I watched two episodes and kind of forgot about it. The show was definitely interesting, but I don't know. I wasn't inclined to marathon it like I usually do when I like a show. I feel like I'm just going to continuously watch the show randomly whenever I don't know what to watch on Netflix, lol.

Watching Soon: 

What with all of the basketball games lately, I remembered my love for this anime. :D I've been waiting for the second season to finish airing before marathoning it, and since the last episode airs next week, I think I'm going to start watching this soon! 

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