Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 100 TV Show

So I just finished an ARC of The 100 by Kass Morgan last week (I'll get around to posting the review eventually). On the back of the book, it said that it was currently in development for The CW for fall 2013.

I did not expect to see an article about the new tv series the next day, lol. It was in this month's special issue of Comic-Con 2013 From the Editors of TV Guide Magazine. I can't find the article online, so here's the link to its imdb page instead. :P

No official premiere date yet; they just say midseason on The CW, so, I'll give it the show a shot once I actually find time to watch it.

But here's a clip of it.

From just the two minutes alone, the show deviates a lot from the book, so I don't know how I feel about it just yet. Octavia is a teenager instead of a little girl, which will probably cause a lot of different types of drama concerning Wells and Clarke, and the whole atmosphere from their landing is totally different, which will have a completely different impact on their stay on Earth.

So yeah, not totally sure if I like the changes or not since the show deviates from the book enough that I won't be bored from already knowing what happened in the book. Also, the book's tone was much more mysterious and full of wonder, so comparing it with the clip, I'm just wondering if the show will be about a bunch of teenagers doing stupid things unsupervised on Earth until they realize that they've only got so many supplies with them... :\

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