Sunday, August 18, 2013


Just got back home a hours ago, and I'm still not done unpacking and being responsible. :P

So many emails to make for tomorrow and stuff I need to check and do before school starts. Not to mention, I apparently sold another textbook, so I need to buy stuff for packaging and mail it by Tuesday. And I still need to read and review my two ARC's...

But yeah, my weekend was fun; I'll post the few pictures that I took later when I'm less busy. My last week--basically my vacation for all summer--was really fun and relaxing. I watched a lot of Supernatural (finally on season three!) and spent a lot of money on great food and clothes shopping for my job. 

So while I'm happy that I got to enjoy my last weeks of school having fun, I'm still dreading starting classes again. :P That's mainly because I'm going to have even less time now to do things that I like, but I think it'll be okay because I'll finally get to see my friends again. :)

Now I have to go do the laundry. :P

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