Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I think I made a terrible mistake XD

During the weekend, Shanice and I decided to start a new tv series together since Teen Wolf was coming to an end. After browsing through Netflix for an inappropriately long time at Starbucks, we decided to start watching Supernatural, which, ironically was one of our first choices, lol.

Like, we weren't sure if we wanted to get into it since all of Tumblr seems to be a huge fan of it (and we didn't really want to follow the bandwagon, lol) and also because it has eight seasons out already; that's almost 150 episodes total! O__O That's a lot of time invested in a tv series, especially since every episode is around 40 minutes long.

But yeah, we watched the first episode at Starbucks and liked it enough. We decided to continue watching it at my house since Starbucks was getting pretty loud, and we ended up watching around six or seven episodes.

They were pretty interesting, but they didn't grab my attention that much because Supernatural is an episodic series, which meant that every episode ended with the mystery solved and not much else besides the brothers' need to find their dad as the overarching plot. So yeah, I wasn't that invested in the series since I knew how the episodes would end, but I decided to continue watching it, hoping that it would get better. It did.

Around the ninth or tenth episode, the series was getting so much better. They finally revealed more of their backstories, you see more of Sam and Dean's brotherly bond, and the plot and executions of each episode was becoming more intense and intriguing. And oh man, some of the episodes were actually a little scary, which made the series even greater in my opinion because I find it hard for most tv shows to be scary.

I'm only on the fifteenth episode, but I definitely know that I'm hooked onto this series. I guess I know what I'll be doing the rest of this summer and once the semester starts again, lol. 

But seriously, eight seasons?! I just--why??? If I end up being as obsessed about Supernatural as I already am about Teen Wolf, I don't even know what I'll do. XD

Although I do want to point out that I did not start watching this series because of the hot guys. I did not even think that they were that great looking in the first place, okay! Their attractiveness grew on me after the first few episodes, lol.

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