Friday, August 2, 2013

busy being social :3

The past two weeks have been pretty crazy, lol.

Last Thursday, I found out that the dollar theater was showing "The Great Gatsby" and "Fast & Furious 6", but Shanice and I didn't have enough time to watch both of them in one day, so we split watching the movies up and inviting some of our other friends to come watch them with us on Friday and Saturday.

Mia was originally going to watch "Fast & Furious 6" with us on Friday but couldn't at the last minute because of her car, so it was just Shanice and me, which was fine. We went and got frozen yogurt at Kiwi Fruz later, which was great, because they had some new flavors that I really liked although their cheesecake is my all-time fav. XD

On Friday, Emily came with us to watch "The Great Gatsby". Jackie was planning on coming too since she's been really wanting to watch it, but she couldn't go at the last minute, which sucked. The movie was really good; I loved the soundtrack!

Afterwards, we decided to go hang out at Bare Bulb since we hadn't been there since senior year, lol. It was fun. We talked and ate desert and decided to go to open house together to visit our old teachers while our bros found their new teachers since they were upcoming freshmen. And we ran into Justin, which was funny since we didn't notice him laying on the couch behind us until we were almost about to go, lol. Apparently he was laying there even before we came in. Dude could of said a random hello, lol.

On Monday, I took my bro to Open House. I picked up Shanice and we met up with Emily and her bro, and we basically went around school finding their classes and talking to our old teachers. It was funny because we, the graduated college students seemed more excited about going back to HOCO than our brothers, lol.

But it was really fun. A lot of our teachers were relocated, so we ran into them randomly and talked for a good bit while our bros were waiting to talk to their teachers. We didn't get to stop by or find a couple of our teachers, which was a bit saddening, but it was still cool. And we even ran into Meethu's mom and her sis there; turns out that she and my bro have math together!

We stopped by the band room since both of our bros were in that class only to find Shanice's bro there, handling questions since the teacher wasn't back yet. It was so funny that all of our siblings knew it each other or were about to know each other, lol. Emily and her bro had to go home, but Shanice, Brian, and I decided to stay and chill in the band room for an hour, giving advice to the new freshmen about AP classes and teachers to avoid.

When I got home, I texted Emily, Jackie, and Mia about how I wanted to surprise Shanice on Wednesday too since her birthday was the day after we had our surprise get together for Meethu. It was going to be a double surprise, lol. :D

The next day, Emily and I went around town looking for a suitable birthday card and kiddy tiara for Shanice while Jackie was planning on bringing a cupcake with a candle for Shanice the day of the get together. We planned it so that she would arrive later than everyone else and after Luke and Meethu arrived so that Shanice would definitely not notice anything too out of the ordinary since Jackie was usually late anyway. XD

For the past two weeks, we've been planning on having a surprise get together after Luke texted me saying that Meethu felt lonely since she hasn't hung out with anyone but him this summer. I felt kind of bad for not really trying to get make time to hang out with anyone other than Shanice this summer since everyone but her had summer classes and a job keeping them busy, so I thought that it was a good idea for all of us to hang out at least one last time before summer was over and we all had to go back to different parts of Georgia.

So yeah, I sent a mass text to our friends trying to arrange a time for all of us to be able to meet up and kept Luke in the loop so that he would see when Meethu was free, and we finally agreed to have the surprise on Wednesday after I got off from work at four. There was some bumps in the plan, but everything turned out fine.

Lol, I told Luke to blindfold Meethu when he drove her over so that she wouldn't know where they were going since we were all meeting up at my house. Unfortunately, she took off her blindfold when he stopped at my house so she knew that we were all there before we could fully surprise her by yelling "SURPRISE!" once she stepped inside. :P

But it was still fun. Emily brought Collin and a bunch of oreos with her first before Shanice came, and Mia texted and said that she was going to be 30 minutes late because she had to take her sister home first. Then Luke and Meethu came, and we talked and goofed off for a bit before Jackie and Michael came with the cupcake and we surprised Shanice. Then Mia and Devon finally came, and my room was definitely crowded, lol.

Originally, I thought that it was just going to be a girls gathering as they usually were, but Emily asked if she could bring Collin since she hadn't seen him all summer, and I realized Luke would probably hang out with us too since he was driving Meethu over, and I didn't want them to feel too alienated with so many girls around, lol. That, and Luke's best friend is Devon, who is Mia's boyfriend, so I figured that I might as well have everyone bring their boyfriends, too, and make it one huge gathering, lol.

Not gonna lie, not everyone was friends with each other or even knew each other, so there were a couple of awkward silences throughout the whole night, but it wasn't like they were that bad. It was still entertaining even though I felt a little bad for Jackie and Michael since they didn't really talk much except with each other.

But yeah, we hung out in my room for a while until we were all starving and then headed out to eat at Cheddar's, our usual restaurant whenever we have get togethers. I thought that since it was the middle of the week, there wouldn't have been that long of a wait to seat all of us, but I was wrong. The wait for a table of eight (Collin and Luke had to leave for work or their parents' mandatory dinner) was 30-45 minutes. :\ We tried thinking of other places, but their waits were around the same time, so we decided to stay at Cheddar's since we liked it the best anyway. In the end, we were seated after waiting for only 20 minutes, so yay for that. :P

The wait for our food was pretty long, but that was expected. And it turned out that Collin didn't need to work that night so Emily left and picked him up, and Luke finished eating dinner with his family pretty quickly, so they both came back before our food arrived.

After we finished stuffing ourselves, we walked over to Target since it was nearby, and goofed off there like we usually do, lol. It was funny how well we stuck to tradition even though we had the guys with us. XD We raided the dollar aisle first like usual before heading over to the hats/scarves section and being super goofy while the boys hung out in the aisle outside, with Luke holding Meethu's purse in his hands like some type of box, lol.

Then we let the guys go where they had wanted to go first: the movie aisle. We spent an inordinate amount of time talking about too many movies, lol. It was funny since Collin had an opinion about almost all of the movies we saw because he watched the majority of them since he works at a movie theater.

Then, we had to go to the toy aisle, of course. XD It really felt like old times, pretending that Disney dresses looked great on everyone and playing with the pool noodles and skateboards. :) Really, it didn't feel any different than senior year.

We were just rounding the last corner of the store when there was an announcement that the store was closing in half an hour, so we hung out in the closed dining area as people used the bathroom and tried to figure out where to go next. I wanted to go to Rigby's and play laser tag, but Emily didn't want to go. Someone else suggested bowling, but two others and I didn't want to, and we decided that we wanted to play boardgames, especially Pictionary, lol.

So we walked back to the cars and stood around for a while trying to decided where to go since we couldn't go to my house like usual since my bro started school the next day, so my mom would not like a bunch of loud teenagers hanging around while they tried to sleep.

Devon said that his place was fine since he didn't have any younger siblings who had school the next day, so we went over there and ended up playing Charades on an app on Meethu's phone since the Pictionary app was crap, and she didn't want to get her game at her house since she was afraid that if she went home, her parents wouldn't let her leave again, lol.

I forgot how fun playing Charades was. Probably because the last time I played it, I was with my sis and bro and some other strangers when I was in elementary school, lol. But yeah, it was hilarious how Luke would always look at and expect Devon to figure out his topic because they're such close friends that they were practically brothers. And it actually worked really well when Luke was pantomiming for "A Tale of Two Cities", lol.

Unfortunately, we didn't play for too long since Emily's mom texted her saying that she expected her home by 11, and since it was already 10:45, we had to leave almost immediately. My mom had called me on the way to Devon's house saying that she wanted me home early, too, so I left with Shance and Collin, who were both going home with Emily.

But yeah, that's the first time I've had such a huge get together. It was definitely interesting, but I definitely want to have a girls only get together like how we usually do it to before everyone goes away to college again. I'm thinking of trying that next Wednesday I think.

But next Monday, Shanice, Jackie, and I are going to spazz out about the second to last episode of Teen Wolf's first half of the season, lol. Shanice and I found out that Jackie had finally caught up on Teen Wolf on Wednesday, lol. If we had known that she had finished watching the first two seasons on Netflix and kept up with this season this summer, we would have brought her over and spazzed with her every Monday night!

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