Wednesday, August 21, 2013


So, the season finale of the first half of Teen Wolf was Monday night and school started yesterday... :\

I'm really sad that I don't have anything to look forward to on Mondays anymore, especially since school started, lol. But yeah, the last episode was pretty good although now I'm wondering if Derek is not going to be in Teen Wolf anymore. D: However, they showed a sneak peak of the other half of the season, and I can't wait for January 6th to come!

Also, school started yesterday, and it kind of sucks. I have homework in all of my classes except for one, which involve a lot of reading, and my schedule does not fit with any of my friends well. We hardly have any time to hang out unless it's late, and even then I'm not sure if I'll have time since I have part-time jobs and have to commute every day. :\

And my laptop has been crapping out all day today. I've had to shut it off three times, which is really annoying, since I have to do some online reading and studying for a quiz I have tomorrow. 

So yeah, I've really got to get off here before my laptop decides that it can't connect with the internet again and completely screws me over. >:|

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