Monday, September 2, 2013

what a week... :/

If you haven't noticed, I've been absent for the past couple of days. This is because of many reasons, the main one being the fact that my house was robbed last Wednesday. It was one of the most shocking, angry experiences of my life. :\

I was staying later than usual on campus than usual because I was hanging out with Shena, one of my high school friends, catching up for the first time in forever while I was waiting for a group meeting with some of my classmates and while Shena was waiting for dance club to start at 8. I was just about to drive back to campus after eating with her when I received a phone call from my sis saying that we were robbed. I was panicking the whole drive back to campus while Shelle hung up and called our mom to find out the details.

So yeah, I was too in shock at first than to do anything other than telling my groupmates what happened before trying to forget about it in order to do our homework. It was a good thing that Shelle called after we were done with everything or else I would have been too furious to do anything.

She told me that she found out cuz our cousin Henry sent her a message on Facebook telling her that the house was robbed. She called the house phone and he told her that he came home from school and saw the broken glass from our backdoor on the ground and all of the cabinets and doors opened and in disarray. He got one of his friends from the bus to come around and his mom came and called the cops. By the time my mom came home, the police was already there, and Henry was done giving his statement. 

They ransacked the whole house, but luckily they only stole cash and jewelry. After Shelle got off the phone with Henry, she made him take pictures of our rooms and send it to her so that she could see. When she told me about it, she said that both of our rooms looked like it got hit the most, but that was probably because our rooms had a bunch of stuff in it. She kept on telling me how bad my room looked since piles of my books were knocked over and my ground was covered with toppled over stuff. Apparently my mom already noticed that my watch was stolen but I would have to go home and see what else was stolen to report to the police and insurance company. Luckily, they didn't seem to take any of my electronics, so I wasn't so freaked out. 

All in all, I was so angry at the robbers, and I didn't want to go home to my clean up my torn apart room. That's why I hung out with Shena after the group meeting, going to dance club for the first time. It was fun, and it totally helped distract me from the bad news. I also learned a choreography for "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars and met some people from my high school there.

But when it was 9:30, and the meeting was starting to wind down, I had to go home and see what happened myself. It wasn't as bad as Shelle made it out to be, at least my room wasn't. By the time I got home, my parents had already cleaned up the rest of the house, so I didn't get to see what it looked like after the robbery. Only Shelle and my room were still in disarray. 

In Shelle's room, they went through a lot of the top boxes of stuff that we had brought home from the apartments and dumped all of her jewelry out on her bed. They went through her drawers and under her bed, too, pulling everything out and scattering things everywhere. The most scary part was when she realized that one of her checkbooks was missing, and that her passport, which also has her social security card in it, was lying in the middle of the ground. 

For me, going through my room made me angrier and more incredulous with everything that was out of place. The most weird thing to find out in my room after they were done ransacking the place was the fact that they emptied my trash out on top of my other stuff, like, who the hell hides the valuables in their trash??? They even raided my sock drawers and sleeping clothes drawers thanks to the piles of cloths dumped on the ground. They took out all of my Bank of America statements and information and dumped them all on my bed, but I wasn't worried about my info being stolen since I closed that account two years ago, but still. Not cool. They also knocked over my piles of books looking for stuff in my closet, which, sucks for them! They took out my book bag full of old random stuff like boardgames and inflatable hammers thinking that they hit the jackpot or something! :P I guess they realized their fail early on since they left it in the middle of the hallway. 

I think that they hit up both Shelle's and my rooms last since we had so much stuff, because they didn't take much from either of us. They didn't even go through my whole room. If they had thoroughly looked through my closet, they would have found my old wallets which at least had a few one dollar bills in them. Instead, they looked through all of my bags and stole around $50 that I had lying around in there. They also took my $95 watch, which was lying right next to my piggy bank that they didn't take. I think that they gave up in our rooms because we had too much shit to go through, lol. Let it be known that being a somewhat packrat is a good thing. :P

But yeah, I was really angry and upset and shocked and guilty that I didn't come home sooner and help sort it all out but happy that no one was home when this happened so no one was hurt. But I guess being angry makes me tired because I basically dropped dead after I got off of Google Hangout with Shelle at two in the morning after showing her what her room looked like since she was still in Atlanta.

And, you know, life still goes on, so I still had to go to classes and do last minute homework since I didn't get a chance to the night before, and before I knew it, it was Friday morning. I was having brunch with Meethu and Raymond, and I told them about what happened after Meethu brought it up because she heard about the robbery the day it happened from her real estate agent. Apparently, her family was looking into buying a house in our neighborhood that day, but after their agent told them about the robbery, Meethu's dad was like nope! We're gonna check out some other houses. I told her that she should totally change her dad's mind because we think that it won't effect them since it only seems to be Vietnamese families being robbed since another Vietnamese family was robbed the same day as us. These robberies have been happening since the summer apparently. 

That's just another reason why I'm so mad about the robbery. Meethu and I could have been practically neighbors! Now, we're not so sure. :(

But yeah, Friday afternoon was also Shelle's presentation of her internship, who she drove down with our cousins Megan and Nicole to hangout and see it. So we all hung out for a while until it was time for Shelle's presentation, and I think she did really well. Afterwards, we went to go frozen yogurt and walk around campus since Shelle hadn't seen Cruz Plaza since it was still in construction during the summer. 

We had dinner at Margarita's, took some pictures, and then went to Atlanta where we hung out until Sunday morning when Shelle and I went back home so she could clean her room and I could start working on my homework. 

That didn't turn out so well... Shelle finished cleaning her room, but I couldn't focus enough to do my homework, so when I found out that Shanice was home and doing her homework, too, through Snapchat, I invited her over to do homework together since I learned that I do better with others around me to keep me from procrastinating so much. We hung out first, did a little bit of homework, but when Shelle came home, we didn't get much homework done after that since I started to get hungry again, lol.

So we started eating, and Shelle had invited Madeline over, so she eventually came, and we ended up talking for hours after we were done eating. We were planning on getting some frozen yogurt afterwards, but we checked online and saw that it had close around 10, which was 30 minutes ago, so that was a fail, lol. We ended up talking until one, when my parents and bro came home from a birthday party, and we ate some more since they brought a lot of food home, lol.

That's why I had to spend so much time today doing homework once I stopped watching Supernatural and doing chores. I went over to Bare Bulb and hung out with Shanice for four hours doing our homework. I'm still not done, but I just have to read a couple of essays and chapters, which is why I'm procrastinating right now. :P

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what was going on. I've mainly been on my tablet for the past few days because I've been so busy, and I hate writing up posts on it because I can't write as fast, and I've been avoiding seriously thinking about the robbery because it makes me so mad and uncomfortable. 

Like, I used to love being home alone. That was mainly because I didn't have to be distracted and interrupted by my family making so much noise whenever they're home. But now... I'm not so sure if I like being home alone anymore. I haven't had a chance yet, but that's mainly because I've been so busy, and I'm not sure if I want to test it out either. Like, I'm not sure why I feel uncomfortable at the thought of being by myself at home now, except for this inane reasoning that I'd rather not be home if our house is robbed again because robbers usually kill/beat up people who are home alone when they're robbing them. 

Shelle said that her bed felt violated after the robbery, so she asked me to sleep with her last night or else she would have to sleep with the lights on. We briefly talked about it again this morning, and Shelle's right; our sense of safety has been shattered because of the robbery, so we don't even feel comfortable in our own home anymore. And that just makes me so mad. This is my home. I should never have to feel uncomfortable in my own home. 

The world sucks. Those robbers better get caught. Better yet, they better get shot.

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