Saturday, September 21, 2013

Busy Weekends of September

The weekends of this month has been/will be busy. I've got so much stuff to do every weekend, I feel like I have no free time for myself except for late at night when I should be catching up on sleep (I don't, and I my body won't even let me sleep in.). :\

Don't get me wrong, I've said it myself: I like to be busy, but man, it seems like I can't catch a break. I'm surrounded by too many people with not enough time to recharge before having to go be social soon after. Most of the time, I'm usually around one or two people, usually my friends, but even with them, I need to take a break eventually because my introverted self needs alone time that doesn't involve studying or homework. 

And lately all I seem to do on here is complain complain complain. -__-

Really, I started writing this post with the intention of explaining where I've been these past weekends since I rarely update about my life anymore--besides talking about upcoming tests. :P

On the first weekend of September, I hung out and spent the night at my friend, Cam's, apartment. Because Meethu and I have never went to a hookah bar before, and Cam was an avid user of it, he took us to his favorite place, and we tried and failed to do it properly, lol. 

Well, Meethu failed since she ended up coughing every time she tried to exhale since she kept on breathing out too quickly while simultaneously inhaling, making her choke. I say that we failed because we didn't really breathe in the smoke that much to feel its effect; we were more interested in exhaling the biggest smoke cloud we could or trying to do other tricks, lol. But it was still fun. I wouldn't mind going back and doing it properly. XD

Then Meethu went home and I went back to Cam's apartment where we played with Meethu's kitten that Cam was babysitting while her family got ready to leave their apartment complex (they didn't want to pay a $400 pet fine for the kitten when they were moving out in a week). We tried watching Adam and Steve, but the acting was so bad and the lines so corny that I couldn't take it anymore, and we ended up watching Brokeback Mountain since we both have never finished watching the movie before. 

I guess it was a combination of it being a long week and the movie being really slow that we were both really tired, so we went to bed around midnight. We woke up the next day early-ish and wasted a lot of time being indecisive about where to eat lunch before finally going to this Italian place in Riverside that I have never been to before, because I am all for trying out new places, especially since Cam has eaten almost everywhere in Macon before so his recommendations are always good. XD

It was really good, but Bucca di Beppo is a family restaurant, so their servings are really big, which was why we shared a meal, lol. I thought that the salad that we ordered was going to be a small serving for each of us, but they gave us this huge bowl of it that it was impossible to finish everything, no matter how starving I was. 

Then we walked around the mall to walk off the feeling of exploding from eating too much, lol. Then we rushed back to Cam's apartment to get our stuff since Cam had a meeting at two, and I was also meeting Raymond at two to workout, hangout, and do homework for a couple of hours. 

On Sunday, I goofed off for the majority of the day before finally doing last minute homework. -__-" I think I finished the fourth season of Supernatural that day, lol.

So yeah, that was how that weekend went. Last weekend, Mercer had Midnight Movies on Friday night, so I stayed on campus hanging out with Cam and Raymond after classes were over and having dinner at Roly Poly's since I really wanted a wrap. Cam decided to not go to the movies since he was really tired from not being able to sleep until four that morning, so I watched The Collection and part of Dante's Inferno on Netflix with Raymond at his dorm until my sis picked us up, since we were carpooling with her and her boyfriend to the movies. 

Raymond and I watched We're the Millers, and Shelle and Justin watched The Family since they both had already seen We're the Millers. The movie was hilarious, I really liked it, lol. I didn't even mind driving home at 2:30 in the morning, lol.

The next day, Shelle and I had to go back to Mercer because she wanted to hangout with her boyfriend (and because she left her car there since we carpooled home in my car last night) and because I had to meet with my group to work on a project. We finished our first draft in a few hours, and I left to go do some other homework with Raymond since Saturdays are our workout/hangout/homework days. 

Sunday, I had to help Shelle wash her car since it's been looking extra dirty for a while now. Lol, I cleaned off one half of her hood, and it was like looking at a teeth whitening commercial: one side nice and white, while the other was a darker gray color. 

Then she made me go to Wal-Mart and Best Buy to look for a VGA to HDMI cable since our parents needed it to hook up my mom's old laptop to our tv. We couldn't find it, so I had to order it online later. Then Shelle went back to Atlanta, and I read for a couple of hours before finally working on my essay that was due the next day for my Gender and Communications class that would count as the essay portion of our upcoming exam if we chose to do it that weekend.

And that was my busy weekend last week.

This weekend, I stayed on campus until 11:30 because I told Josh that I would help him set up the telescopes for the Astronomy Club even we were having that night. We decided to set up some telescopes near the movie on Cruz Plaza to help gain interest and publicity for the club since it's Family Weekend, and a lot of people were on campus watching Monsters University on Cruz Plaza that night, so it was a good way for them to stop by afterwards and look at the full moon while we told people about the club. 

We had finished setting up both telescopes 10 minutes before the movie ended, so I ended up taking a lot of pictures of the moon on my phone, because it looked freakin' incredible. 

Check them out!

A lot of people came after Josh made the announcement as people were getting ready to leave once the movie ended, which was cool. Everyone was amazed to see the moon so closely, and a lot of freshmen were interested in the club and the class in general. That is until we told them that the class involved math, and then they were like, I'm mathphobic! O__O

Overall, it was a nice turnout.

Since my classes ended at two that day, and I got out of work early at 3:30, I started watching Game of Thrones since Lauren invited me to watch it with her and Alejandro later that night. They had only watched the first three episodes last week, and I had a lot of time to kill until then, so I decided to catch up on it since the first episode was pretty good. 

I had read the first book in the series a few years ago, I think it was the summer before sophomore year of high school. I had liked it, but the book was so thick and the series so long, that I didn't want to continue it, lol. The tv series is proving to be really good and well-adapted from the book as far as I can remember.

Lauren ended up joining me halfway into the second episode since her research was cut short since something wasn't working and her and her partner couldn't figure out what was wrong with one of the equipment, and their professor wasn't answering their calls. 

So yeah, she hung out and semi-rewatched the episodes with me while playing around on her laptop and got dinner at the UC before Alejandro texted her and said that he got off of work half an hour early. I had already caught up by then, and we were watching stuff on YouTube, so we went to his dorm to start watching Game of Thrones together. I had to leave around nine since Josh texted me earlier saying that they were meeting an hour earlier to get everything ready, so I need to catch up on Game of Thrones again before our next marathon, lol.

Then, today, I had to go back to Mercer for a couple of events. I met up with Raymond to do some homework before going to the Tift social that we do every year. It's a mandatory meeting that we're all required to go to if we want to keep our scholarship. It wasn't bad. I ended up briefly talking to a lady that I talked to last year for a while before talking to a couple of other alums who were really cool. 

One alum even told me about an engineer she knew who did astrophotography as a hobby who lived also graduated from Mercer with her and still lives in Macon. I'm going to talk to Dr. Marone about him because he probably knew the guy since he was a Mercer student, and we could probably contact him and have him be a guest speaker for our club eventually or something, that would be so awesome! 

Then I went back to the library to do some more homework until it was almost time for the Phi Eta Sigma induction ceremony at 3:30. We went back to his dorm to drop off our stuff, and it started to lightly rain as we left. It got worse once the ceremony was over. By the time we made it to his dorm again and got our stuff, it started pouring, so we went back to his dorm and I did homework while he played Halo Reach since he didn't want to study Spanish anymore, lol.

By the time I went left around six, the rain had let up, but there were streams of water everywhere. When you're walking in sandals with no traction between your feet and your soles, walking in streams of water and being blasted with rain on whatever whim the wind decides to blow on, you learn to walk with a funny gait while simultaneously cursing the whether. :P

And tomorrow, I have to go back to Mercer to go to leadership training since it's a requirement for one of my honor societies. :\ I still haven't decided if I want to go to the 9:30am one and stay on campus to study for my tests for a couple of hours afterwards or the 5:30pm one where I'll study at home before going to the training and going home right afterwards. 

We'll see if I don't fall back asleep after my alarm goes off. :P

Also, next weekend is AWA! Anime Weekend Atlanta! It's supposed to be a club event, but everything was last minute so I'm basically going with my friends even though other club members are also going, but since we're all staying at different hotels and stuff, I'm not even sure if we'll really see them that much.

But yeah, we're leaving on Friday after we're all done with our classes, and we'll be coming back on Sunday, so I'm excited for that. There are a lot of panels I'm interested in going to, and even though I don't really have a cosplay this time, I'm not really sweating it. I just need to make sure to do most of my homework before Friday.

So yeah, very busy weekends. I don't think October will be this busy. I hope not, lol. I would really like to catch up on all of my tv shows before the new series premieres all start. 

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