Sunday, September 15, 2013

Always Tired, Always Busy

It seems like I've been saying this ever since I started high school, and it becomes even truer as the years go by: I'm really busy. It sucks, but I don't totally hate it, lol.

On one hand, I'm so busy that I rarely have any free time to do anything for fun. I hardly ever have any time to hang out with my friends or just have some me time to catch up on my many fandoms and obsessions. The only time I can do that is late at night when I'm done doing homework or studying, sacrificing sleep in place of much needed entertainment. 

I'm pretty sure that's why I'm so tired all of the time now. I usually sleep around 12-2 AM every night, and my body's become accustomed to waking up around eight every morning, no matter how little I sleep (even on weekends; I can't just go back to sleep! ;__;), so I can never get more than seven hours of sleep. 

On the bright side of being so busy, I like knowing that I can't procrastinate as much anymore in order to go to bed at a somewhat decent hour. Not having enough time to do everything has definitely made me prioritize and plan better even if I feel like the dead half of the day. :P At least I know that I basically pass out as soon as I lay in bed every night now. XD

Plus, ever since I got a job last year, I've become used to working and earning money, so even though I have three part-time jobs, they're not that difficult since I don't have regular hours for two of them. And anyway, I enjoy my jobs for the most part...even though I don't seem to be saving any money up since I keep on spending it on food and gas. -__-"

But yeah, I guess I just wanted to explain why I haven't been updating much lately. Besides work and classes, I've been swamped with homework while trying to find time to hang out with my friends. It seems that only my guy friends and my schedules' seem to work out well enough to find time to get together a couple of times a week. My girl friends are too busy since they're commuters, too. :\

And now I have to go write an essay for tomorrow so that I don't have to write an essay for our next exam in Gender and Communication. :P

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