Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Series on The CW

While I was reading about The 100's TV show a while ago, I stumbled upon an article that had the trailers for The CW's new TV series. I read the little blurbs before all of them (they were right, there's a lot of attractive people on the shows, lol) and watched all of the available clips, and I generally liked all of them, so I'm gonna talk about the most of the shows because who knows; you might be interested. :P

I'm going to skip The 100 because I've already posted my thoughts about it. But before I do, I just want to point out that it's finally got a premiere date for January 1, 2014!

I'm the most excited for The Tomorrow People because it seems like my type of show. You've got clueless teenagers learning that they've got special powers, ambiguous bad guys, lots of action and adventure, and hot people. XD I'm just hoping for some real nice character development and relationships between everyone and no cheesey lines or huge plotholes. 

Check out the clips!

The series premiere is Wednesday, October 9th at 9 PM.

Reign is about the teenage Mary Queen of Scots, and while I'm not a huge fan of period dramas, I might give this a chance because of my obsessive love of Teen Wolf, which had Adelaide Kane playing as Cora in it. I'm assuming this is the TV show that made her leave Teen Wolf since there was news that she was leaving the show to play the lead in another TV show. In Reign, she plays Mary, the main character.

It looks like the show is going to focus on her romantic interest a lot so I don't know if I'll watch it. Probably give the first few episodes a shot before deciding to quit.

Anyway, here's the clip! For some reason, they disabled sharing for the preview, so click here to see the preview on its YouTube page.

The series premiere for Reign will be on Thursday, October 17th at 9 PM.

Star-Crossed seems to be yet another Romeo and Juliet teenage show about two people falling for each other even though everyone else disapproves: this time, it's with humans and aliens who enroll in high school on Earth.

I don't know. The alien aspect definitely seems cool, but if most of the show is going to be about the two main characters pining for each other... I'm not sure if I'll be able to stomach it. :P

Anyway, here's the clip!

Star-Crossed doesn't have a premiere date yet. It just says that it'll premiere midseason.

The last show that the article talked about was The Originals, which is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, which I have never seen. I used to snub the show because it seemed like the supernatural version of Gossip Girl, but if Teen Wolf has taught me anything, it's to not judge a show until you watch it. XD So one day, when I'm not busy watching 139903942 different TV shows, I will give The Vampire Diaries a shot. :)

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