Monday, January 7, 2013

School starts tomorrow!

School finally starts tomorrow, and I'm half dreading it and half excited about it. :\

I'm dreading it because I know that I won't have half as much free time as I do right now because of classes and homework and studying and such. That means that I won't be able to read as much anymore or watch as many things anymore.

On the other hand, I'm excited to start classes and see what we'll do and what I'll learn because I took some random classes, lol. I took Beginner Ballroom Dancing to have one class with my friends, a Shakespeare class with one of my roommates, Astronomy with my sis since we both needed a four-hour lab science class, Multimedia and Intro Engineering Design because it's required in my major, and Beginning Imaging Design because it's a prerequisite for a later class that I want to take next year for my major. So yeah, it's definitely going to be an interesting, busy year. Still can't believe that I signed up for that Shakespeare class since I didn't need it; I just wanted to see if I could handle 17 hours since I only had 14 last semester. 

Also, I'm excited to see my friends again. I've barely kept contact with them over the break, but I hardly keep contact with anyone over the break, lol. However, what sucks is the fact that last semester, half of my classes were engineering classes so I mainly know engineers, and this semester, I only have one engineering class, so that means that I'll have to try to make new friends again. Assuming I'll have time to actually talk in class, lol. 

Anyway, my sis woke me up around six this morning to finish getting ready to go back to the apartment after dropping my bro off at school this morning, so I'm was super tired by the time we finished putting everything away at the apartment around eight o'clock this morning. That's why I went back to bed to catch a few more hours of sleep since I had stayed up until around four this morning reading Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. I didn't finish it, because I figured I'd have to stay up all night to do so and knew that I needed some sleep, but yeah, I was still surprised to find out that I managed to sleep until almost noon today. 

It's just so odd because there's so much I need to do or should/could be doing, but I wasted four hours on just sleeping this morning. So unproductive, but I knew that I would have burned out eventually on only running on two hours of sleep--that's more of a nap than anything!

But anyway, school starts tomorrow, which means that it'll be harder for me to update--unless I'm procrastinating, lol. Luckily, I don't have Gendered Lives anymore, which means no more papers to write, but I'm dreading that my Shakespeare class will require many papers too. But we shall see! And I can always drop the class if I don't like it/can't handle the hours within the first week, so yeah. I can't wait to start the year.


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