Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cover Lover 27

Wah~ What a busy day yesterday. Well, I was mainly only busy when I was working yesterday since there were two basketball games, and the boy's game was super busy. But yeah, my feet and right shoulder ache, but whatevs; I only got to work today since I had a night lab on Thursday night and couldn't work at that game, so I'm okay with whatever amount of work I can get because I needs some moneyz. :P

Plus, I got my refund check, and my dad agreed to let me get a tablet since I was supposed to get one for my birthday a few months ago but didn't get one since the one that I wanted wasn't out yet (the Microsoft Surface Pro), but since I found out how expensive it's going to be and did some research on other tablets, my sis (she's going to get a tablet, too, lol) and I decided that we were going to get an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note since we didn't want to have the same tablets and couldn't decide on which one to get. In the end, I'm going to get the Galaxy Note because I want the stylus that comes with it and Shelle's going to get the iPad so that she can FaceTime her boyfriend, lol.

We went to BestBuy to go get them 15 minutes until 10 at night, which was what the closing time said it was online, but when we got there, we saw on the door that they closed at nine on Saturdays, so we couldn't get our tablets after all. Which reminds me, I need to start looking for covers online since I don't want to buy them at the store because they're so expensive...

Yeah... I'm gonna go now. 

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