Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Tradition?

Last semester, my friends and I had a tradition of going to Margarita's on Wednesday nights because it was trivia night there. They stopped doing trivia a week or two before finals started and said that they wouldn't start up again until next semester, so we were fine with that since we needed to study and wouldn't be here during the break anyway.

However, two weeks ago, when we went to Margarita's for trivia, they said that they might not be doing it anymore since not many people showed up. Since then, for the past two weeks, we've been going to Lauren's house and cooking there on Wednesday nights since everyone who's been living in the dorms has missed using a kitchen, lol. 

The first time, Spencer wasn't watching the oil in the pan, so he ended up burning it. There was so much smoke that we had to open the door and kitchen window, and we were just glad that the fire alarm wasn't working because it would have gone haywire with the amount of smoke drifting around, lol.

I think it's becoming our new tradition. Although, we haven't gone back to Margarita's and asked to know if they were going to do trivia anymore after all. But it seems that everyone else likes this new tradition. I just miss eating the Corridor Dip at Margarita's, lol. And I haven't missed cooking since I still cook once a week anyway. :P

But yeah, it's fun going over to Lauren's and cooking and eating and playing DDR. Only thing is that I leave earlier with Lauren around 5 and don't go home until 10-11, which means that I don't have as much time to do homework and stuff on Wednesday nights. :/

Anyway, I need to study for my Astronomy quiz tomorrow because I think that I'm going to drop dead once I warm up when we finally come back from our lab tonight. The thing about having Astronomy is that our labs take place from 6:30 til 10 on Thursday nights. We usually get out an hour early, but it's still late. And on cloudless nights, we have to drive out to the Duck Pond and look at the stars through our telescopes, regardless of how freezing it is. Let me just tell you, we were all freezing last week, which was our first time out there, lol.

So yeah, I need to stop procrastinating and read the unit. 

I'm just so tired though. I should have taken a nap earlier instead of starting a new book (My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison) and not even knowing if I want to finish it because I'm not in the mood for that type of story after all; I just didn't want an action-packed story that would suck all of my time since I have projects due coming up. 

But yeah...

I'm just gonna go now...

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