Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So, it turned out that all Intro Engineering Design lab classes were canceled yesterday. That meant that I had to walk all the way across campus and up a set of stairs at 9:30 in the morning to find out that my first class of the day was canceled. ._.

On the bright side, I made a new friend because of that. John and I ended up spending that extra time just talking and getting to know each other on a couch in the engineering building as we waited for our next class. So that's cool. 

Actually, I managed to know at least a few people in all of my classes except for Imaging Design, so I'm really glad about that. I've talked to two of the guys in there before, but I wouldn't even say that we're acquaintances  Hopefully, I'll be able to make some friends in there with time. :)

And dude! Astronomy's turning out to be more work than Shelle and I thought. Our labs are from 6:30-10 at night. On nights when the sky's clear, we'll have to drive out to this park that's half an hour away and watch the sky there with telescopes, which didn't sound that bad until he told us that we were going to freeze, we could hit a deer on the way, if we don't park in the correct area, we would need a towing truck to get our cars out of the ruts, the bugs will eat us alive in the summer, and so on. :O

Since classes just started, we haven't done anything but gone over the syllabus for every class, but even so, I've been super tired and drained afterwards. I don't know if it's because I haven't become adjusted to doing anything but eat, read, and sleep since the break started or if it's because most of my classes are back-to-back, and I basically have to skip lunch until they're all over. Either way, I hope that I become acclimated soon.

Now, I'm going to do something not productive because I don't feel like doing homework yet. :P


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