Saturday, January 26, 2013

A repeating pattern?

So I haven't been blogging much for the past few days... 

Actually, I just realized that I did the exact same thing last week: post every day between Sunday through Wednesday, and then have a huge gap until I post on Sunday again. I guess the second half of the week really is busier than the first half. That, and I can't bring myself to blog on the weekend when I'm trying to do everything that I don't allow myself to do during the week, which is ridiculous since I still read manga and fanfiction during the week when I should be doing homework or studying. But, I also try to catch up on all of my YouTube subscriptions on the weekend too. :P

Also, my case finally came for my tablet, I've been using it more than my laptop and have been bringing it to school lately. Since the tablet comes with a stylus built within it, it has this cool writing feature where you can manually write what you want instead of tapping a bunch of keys. How cool is that?

But yeah, I'll try to get my blogging together and post more consistently. I mean, I'm still more comfortable blogging on my laptop because I have most of my pictures and info on it, but if I use my tablet as much as how most of my friends with their tablets do, it wont be long before I prefer it to my laptop, lol. But, that will prolly take a while since I still haven't completely gotten used to and customized my tablet yet. I mean, I still haven't changed my background picture or uploaded any music yet, lol.

Ugh. I don't know what I hit, but my stylus isn't working anymore. Did I already mess it up? D: That would suck so much. I was really getting used to it! 

Anyway,  I'm gonna go. Shelle's car wouldn't start yesterday after astronomy,  and none of the guys who tried to fix it could figure what was wrong with it. You would think that a bunch of engineers would have been able to fix it, but that car is old and finicky. :/ 

Today, Daddy came and tried to fix it, calling a close family friend who's a mechanic for advice and even buying a new battery piece for it, and the stupid thing still doesn't work! I was with him the majority of the time in the car that he drove here since he told me that the police and security showed up earlier when he was working on the car since it looked suspicious,  lol. I brought my student ID just in case. :P And it was a good thing that I did so that I could get into the engineering building later and ask for some screw drivers, lol. I guess that's one of the perks of breaking down in the engineering parking lot, lol. 

Either way, I spent the majority of the day inside of a car, reading the No Fear Shakespeare version of Twelfth Night and catching up on tumblr. I still haven't had the time to create the bridge design blueprints for my group's proposal that we're working on tomorrow. D:

So yeah, I want to finish reading Twelfth Night tonight so that I can say that I at least accomplished one thing today. 

I'm gonna go eat and then do that. Later!

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