Monday, January 28, 2013

Kpop Appreciation Post: DBSK, Nevermind, and Infinite-H!

If you've been following my blog for long, you'll know how much Kpop was a part of my life for a couple of years, and you'll know how little I've been blogging about Kpop for the past few years. I became more interested in other things and didn't have enough time to devote myself to Kpop like how I used to.

But it's okay. I still keep track of new music from my favorite groups and find new groups and songs to listen to because of my subscription to LoveKpopSubs11 on YouTube who uploads the newest music videos with English subtitles. In addition, I still follow a couple of people on Tumblr who are Kpop fans/writers, so I get to see plenty of gifs and pics of many of my favorite groups. And occasionally, when I remember/find the time, I watch variety shows of my favorite groups, so it's not like I'm completely missing out on Kpop. :P

Anyway, I wanted to make a new feature on my blog because I miss spazzing out about my favorite groups or songs or music videos. I mean, I have Lauren who I can spazz to, but she doesn't follow half of the groups that I do, so it's not the same going crazy over certain songs and pictures, ya know? XD

So for the first post, I wanted to upload some pics that I've been accumulating for the past few months (because I am a weirdo, lol)!

I miss DBSK so much! And I'm talking about the time when it was all five of them. I love all of their individual albums and songs and stuff, but it'll never be the same as when they were OT5. :(

 But Jaejoong just recently released his own solo album, and it's rock! I've always loved his voice because it's so versatile, and from listening to his promoting song, "Mine," I'm definitely not disappointed. It's refreshing to hear actual rock (not FT Island/CN Blue type of rock) instead of pop in Korean, and it's Jaejoong, my first bias, so of course I really like it, lol.

You can watch his music video here:

I don't know if he's keeping those blue streaks in his bangs, but I'm also definitely liking it, lol.

 And I found out from that subscription to LoveKpopSubs11 that a new group called Nevermind just debuted, and they're also rock! Unlike Jae's hardcore rock, Nevemind's more pop/punk rock, but equally awesome and refreshing. Prolly because it sounds like American rock songs that I used to listen to before I got into Kpop, lol.

Check out their music video, "Shooting Star":

And finally, let's talk about Infinite, specifically, Infinite-H, their first subgroup! But first, let's just appreciate this super adorable picture of Dongwoo during one of the year end Gayos. He's the most adorable, cuddly, precious guy ever. Like most people say on Tumblr: Dongwoo is sunshine and rainbows when he's not being super hot. XD

I'm not gonna lie, when I first found out that Infinite was making Infinite-H, I thought that they were going to go the hardcore, badass, rapper way since Hoya and Dongwoo are the rappers and dancers of the group. Not to mention, I thought that the H stood for Hip Hop. Instead, their song, "Special Girl" was completely not what I expected.

There was plenty of rapping for sure, but not what I had imagined, lol. I'm not even sure what genre to put the song under, but it definitely wasn't hardcore, lol. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they did this type of song since we're talking about nice and cuddly Dongwoo and manly and goofy Hoya, lol.

And I still really like the song! And their dance! :D

Check it out yourself!

And that's all folks! Hopefully, the next posts won't be as long because this took quite a bit of time to type, but it's worth it. I haven't fangirled in so long on here, of course I'd have a lot to say along with plenty of pics and videos, lol.

So yeah, until next time...

fangirl out. XD

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