Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet Cujo and Krystal

Actually, we might change their names to Simba and Nala, lol. We'll see. 

Yesterday, my bro and I got to go with our dad to pick up two puppies that a family friend was giving us! We got to choose two out of eight! And I picked Cujo, because he was fluffy and somewhat lazy, which reminded me of a certain person (me!), lol. My bro had originally chosen him, but then he changed his mind, and since our mom wanted us to get a girl if we could (there were only two girls in the litter), my bro picked Krystal since the owner said that she was smart and stubborn. 

Look at this adorableness!
Before we had even gotten the puppies, Brian had already decided to name one of them Cujo after the movie, so that meant that I could come up with the girl's name. It was really hard. I was trying to find inspiration from all of my favorite books, but all of the girl names didn't fit with the puppy's personality! That, or I could only think of male names, lol. 

In the end, I decided on Krystal, Amber, and from my brother's suggestion, Ambree. My mom liked Krystal, so we decided to name her that. 

The cuteness continues!
On the ride home, my dad wanted to name the two puppies Simba and Nala or Lady and the Tramp, lol. I told Shelle that, and she wanted to name them after the lions, so... we'll see where it all goes. I mean, right now, I think they'd be even more adorable to be named Simba and Nala since they're so tiny and fluffy and cute, but once they're grown up, I'm not sure I can call the boy Simba without thinking about a giant fluffy lion, and adult German Shepherds look nothing like that. 

Anyway, I took a bunch of pics of them last night since I knew that I wouldn't see them for long since my dad took them to the farm today, which makes me extremely sad. The puppies like me the best, lol and are so friggin adorable that I just want to bite them. XD

Anyway, yeah, it was late by the time we got back home with them, so all of the pictures were taken in the dark, which is why their eyes are so... blue, lol. 

So yeah, that's all for now, folks!

See ya!

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