Sunday, July 21, 2013

yet another weekend cramming/procrastinating ;__;

My last two tests are tomorrow, and I am hardly prepared. D: This is mainly my fault--as always--but still. Ugh, I hate myself so much sometimes. 

I meant to study after work on Wednesday and Thursday, but the A/C broke at the apartment on Tuesday and was in the middle of being fixed the next day, so I couldn't even go upstairs to attempt to study because it was so hot until some time after nine. By then, I couldn't bring myself to care study, I was too hot and tired. :P

...I don't even remember much of what I did on Thursday night. o__O I unpacked my stuff that I had brought home from the apartment, and I think I read half of a chapter, and then I goofed off for the rest of the night.

Then I started my period on Friday, and I couldn't find my pain medicine that I bought a few months ago, so I was basically too distracted by cramps for the majority of the night when I tried to study. That lead me to spending too much time on Tumblr trying to distract myself from the pain and then losing the motivation to study anymore. -__-"

Michelle came home on Saturday, so it was impossible trying to study with her there ordering me around to help take her stuff out of the car or just bothering me. -__- In addition, when my dad came home, we went to the movies to watch Pacific Rim, which was pretty cool. 

Today, I studied a bit before my dad came home and we left to go to the apartment to finish moving all of the big furniture out of it before our lease runs out at the end of the month. And I should definitely get back to cramming since I only have a few hours of brainpower left.

(I can't believe I stayed up until four this morning reading a fic. D:)

I'm just ready for tomorrow to be over since I refuse to take the finals on Wednesdays, no matter what my average is. I'm still going to have at least a B in both of my classes, and right now, I can't bring myself to care if I don't make at least one A.

But yeah, once the tests are over, I will officially be done with summer classes and can enjoy my summer study-free again. To celebrate, I get to enjoy the new episode of Teen Wolf with Shanice tomorrow night. XD

Just a few more hours of torture!

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