Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I got a job!

I forgot to mention this last week since I was so busy cramming for my tests, but I got a job!

I had an interview last Tuesday, which I didn't think I did so well because they're first question was what did I know about them, and I totally blanked. -__-" I mean, I really should have prepared myself better about knowing about them since the email telling me about the interview suggested me to check out their website, which I did; I just browsed through it and didn't remember much besides reminding myself to check out Bearlinks, and that was the only thing I could talk about when they asked me that question.

And it started pouring when I got off of work to go change into my nicer clothes for the interview, and it was still raining when I had to go for the interview, so I looked like a mess with frizzy hair, rolled up dress pants, and flip-flops because I refused to wear my flats in the rain because I knew they would become ruined. And yeah, trying to navigate through the rain and clean up took longer than expected, and I was lost for a bit trying to find their office, so I ended up being a few minutes late, and ugh. I did not think I made that great of a first impression, lol. I was so frazzled and nervous, like this dude, lol.

Towards the end of the interview, they told me that they would call or email me with their decision some time next week, so I thought that I would have enough time forgetting what a fail I was during the interview (I wanted to slap myself for how many times I said "like" during the interview). Then, the next day during class, I checked my email during break and saw that I was hired! I had a mini heart attack in class; I didn't expect to get a response so quickly. c:

I could not believe it, especially since they told me that they had a couple of other interviews after me, but I guess I seemed competent enough for them to want to hire me. I think it was because of my resume, lol. 

But yeah, now I have an office job during the school year. It works out really well since I have two hours free in between classes every day, which is when I'm going to work instead of laze around and procrastinate, lol. But yeah, I hope they don't mind me eating lunch while I'm working, lol, cuz that's my lunch time every day. :P

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  1. Congratulations! You must have made a good impression even when you thought you were NOT. I love it when it works out that way.