Friday, July 12, 2013

Today was really crappy. D:

Shanice, Meethu, and I were planning on going to the movies today, but Meethu said she'd meet us there because her mom wanted to go look at some houses first, so Shanice and I went and watched "White House Down" but couldn't watch "Pacific Rim" and "Fast and Furious 6" like we had wanted to because of reasons, so we left and decided to rent something from Redbox and watch it at my place instead.

Yeah, then things really started becoming shitty. 

We were at Redbox, trying to decide on which movies to watch before we realized that we could just watch it on Netflix or somewhere else online, so we left and went to Shanice's house to pick up her Macbook and HDMI adapter since my HDMI adapter was still at the apartment. We lazed around for a while trying to find something to watch on Netflix and waiting for "Rise of the Guardians" to buffer while we waited for Meethu to come over, but Meethu eventually texted that she couldn't come over after all since her dad was coming home early. And there was no movie we wanted to watch on Netflix that one of us hadn't already seen or some reason or another. In addition, the movie was not buffering and Shanice's Macbook was being laggy for some reason. 

I blamed the weather. And my own laptop because it was also being super slow and laggy. Shanice blamed the wi-fi, lol, since her laptop was not used to my wi-fi. 

In the end, we decided to just go to Redbox after all and rent "Rise of the Guardians" and "Hansel and Gretel" to watch, only we went to a different Redbox, and "Rise of the Guardians" was already checked out! So we went to McDonald's to pick up a quick dinner since we were a little hungry and remembered that there was another Redbox across the street at Kroger. Luckily, one of the two kiosks had "Rise of the Guardians". 

When we went back to my place, Shanice put the movie in her laptop and started it up, and we spent some time trying to find out why the input button wasn't working (I had to use the other remote), and things were looking pretty well. We watched a commercial for "The Croods," and Shanice was just about to plug her charger in so that her Macbook wouldn't die, right before it shut itself off. 

Then she smelled something burning coming from her laptop where her HDMI adapter was plugged in. D: She couldn't turn it on, so we tried to research it online, but everyone said that it was best to get it serviced, so she called Apple and found out that she had 17 days left on her warranty and that she might need to purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan or something.

Anyway, we're going to the PeachMac store tomorrow to see if they can fix it or if she does need to buy the Protection Plan after all.

The other problem was the fact that the TV was also not working. It was still on from when we were trying to watch the movie, but when I tried to change it back to our satellite, it wouldn't work, so I turned it off. And I haven't been able to turn it back on since. DDD:

I tried researching it, unplugging it, doing a forced restarted, and calling the company. They said that I had to get it serviced and gave me two phone numbers. Of course, it was late so they didn't answer. And I called Shelle back since she called me when I was on the phone with the company. The ironic thing was that this wasn't the only broken TV in our house right now. The big screen in the living room hasn't been working for the past few weeks, and Shelle had to call and try to fix it last week for my parents. The only solution she could come up with was getting it serviced as Sears, but we haven't had a chance to take it to the store to get it fixed, so we might just have to wait until my dad's free to take both TV's to the store. 

I still haven't told my dad yet since he hasn't come home yet. :\ Just told my mom and she thinks it's the lightening's fault. Shanice said that it might be because of lightening because we don't have a surge protector for the game room's TV, and the one we have for the living room is really old, so. :\ I think we need to invest in some surge protectors now, especially since it's been raining/thunderstorming/lightening for the past few weeks.

Also, when I tried to log onto my bank account after giving up on trying to fix the TV, my account was frozen since I typed in my password incorrectly too many times. Like, seriously? SERIOUSLY??? I had to go online and reset my password. Ugh. 

But yeah. Today totally sucked. Tomorrow better be better. Or else I'm going to go crazy. 

Lol, Shanice and I were wondering if today really was Friday the 13th cuz it sure felt like it. :P

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