Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shows I'm Currently Watching: Teen Wolf, Free!, Monstar, Blue Exorcist

It's been a while since I did my last one, and I've somehow ended up starting watching a bunch of different shows and anime these past few weeks. -__-"

Oh my God, this season has me exploding with feels every week. Like, there's a new episode every Monday, and it literally takes me the rest of the week to recuperate before the next episode ruins me. I wonder if I'd be freaking out as much if I didn't have to wait a week for a new episode since I'm used to watching Teen Wolf all in one go when the season's already over (season one when it was on Netflix) or almost over (season two).

There's only two episodes out so far, and even though it's kind of ridiculous, I still like it enough. I think most of the characters are amusing, especially Haru and his obsession with water, lol. The art is really pretty, and I'm pretty sure the main reason why people are watching it is because it features lots of shirtless guys because it's a swimming anime. That, and it's targeted towards the female demographic, which is rare. :P

I've only watched two episodes of this Kdrama so far, and I already like it. It might be because of all of the singing involved, lol. It's still ongoing, so I'm not in a rush to catch up yet, because Teen Wolf has taught me that waiting every week is detrimental to my health. XD

This is the only finished series that I'm currently watching, lol. I only meant to watch the first episode to see if I liked it enough to want to buy the manga because Rightstuf was having a sale on all ten volumes, but it was so good that I ended up watching three episodes before stopping to do some errands. Then I spent too much time the next day watching the anime instead of studying like I was supposed to. -__-"

Until my classes are over--which is next week!--I don't think that I'm motivated/interested in reading anything. That, and all of these shows are keeping me preoccupied enough as it is. :P

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