Monday, June 10, 2013

Movie Marathon Fun

On Saturday, Shanice and I ended up having a little movie marathon/hop, lol.

We planned on going to watch The Internship and then going to watch The Purge after it since we really wanted to see Dylan O'Brien in The Internship and because we were excited to watch The Purge after watching its trailer weeks ago.

Unfortunately, The Purge was only showing in GTX at the movie theater near our house, and we didn't want to shell out extra money to go watch it. Instead, we went to the other movie theater after watching The Internship at the mall 15 minutes away, stopping by Sonic to get a quick lunch before the movie started, lol.

Both movies were pretty good! The Internship ended up being a lot more funny than I expected, and Dylan O'Brien was super cute even though his character was this snarky, sullen guy, lol. The Purge, however, ended up being pretty predictable, although it was still interesting to watch.

After we watched The Purge, we went to watch Epic since it was just starting. I also ended up really liking the movie. It was funny because I didn't really even know what the movie was about other than the fact that it was animated, but it proved to be funny and engaging with just the right amount of heartwarming family feels, lol.

After the movie was over, we contemplated on waiting around to watch another movie, but after checking the times, we realized that we'd have to wait 45 minutes until the next Fast and Furious 6 showing came on, so we just went back to my house and planned out all of the movies we were going to watch this summer. We even wrote a list to keep track of all of the upcoming movie dates, lol. It was pretty long. We're planning on having another movie marathon in two weeks when World War Z comes out. XD

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