Thursday, June 6, 2013

A long but productive day

Yesterday was a really long, really productive day...if I do say so myself. :P Today too, lol.

After classes yesterday, Cam and I worked for a couple of hours and then goofed off during our lunch break since we didn't really have anything to do for work anymore. Then I went to the gym and worked out for two hours. When I went home, I finally did the laundry with my family that I kept on forgetting/didn't have the time to do earlier this week. 

Then, today, Cam and I worked an extra hour although we did end up having a two hour lunch break, lol. But we were really busy cleaning out the storage closet in the Dean's office area. There was so much old junk in there! Like, the really big floppy disks and old telephones.

I did not know that there were floppy disks bigger than the smallest one on the right. :o

I was planning on working out after work again today, but I was tired and it's been drizzling/raining all day, and I didn't want to walk through that to get to the UC and back, so I decided not to. 

Also, the drain in the engineering parking lot is clogged up, so whenever it rains, the parking lot basically becomes a pond, lol. Cam told me to take a pic of him in his car in the middle of the puddle, it was so ridiculous. XD

And now I'm gonna get off the internet and try to study Accounting Principles because I always zone out in class and have no idea what's going on. :P


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