Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scary Movie Marathon

Last night, I had a scary movie marathon with Lauren after we finished baking for the SWE bake sale that's starting tomorrow. It was pretty fun. :) We watched everything on Netflix so they weren't the latest movies, but it didn't really matter since there were still a whole bunch of movies to choose from.

After going to Sakura's to get some dinner to-go, we came back and started watching Quarantine 2: Terminal. We had both already watched the first movie a while ago and were surprised to find out that it had a sequel out, lol. 

But the movie wasn't bad. Actually, I think it was better than the first one--from what I remember anyway. :P There were shocking parts and there were times when I wished the main character would just listen to the kid. If you just stopped and think about everything that had just happened, you'd know that something wasn't right and it all pinpointed to one person!

And the ending left room for a sequel, which I wouldn't mind watching if it kept up with the suspense and horror like it did here. 

Afterwards, we watched The Human Centipede since we've wanted to watch it for while since it seemed like everyone else has already seen it and had told us about it, which is why we wanted to watch it with our own eyes. Really, who hasn't heard about this movie yet? 

But I guess since we had already known what the movie was about, we weren't as disgusted as we thought we would be? I mean, yeah, it was still gross and horrifying watching the doctor operate on them and seeing the end result, but it wasn't as explicitly disturbing as I had imagined. Nonetheless, I doubt that I will ever watch that movie again. :P

And that, it totally sucked to be that girl! I mean, what can happen next? Will anyone even find her? 

But one thing that bothered Lauren and me was how stilted the actors were in the beginning. I guess it was a good thing that they didn't have much talking to do for the remainder of the movie but still.

Also, we wondered if the actors knew what they were signing up for when they agreed to be in the movie. Because, I mean, the things that they had to do. I don't know how far most actors are willing to go to try a diverse set of roles or to be in a movie, but I don't think I would be willing to play a role like any of the three tourists.

Then, after going through the rest of the list of horror movies on the homepage of Netflix, we decided to watch Dread

It wasn't really scary; it more shocking than anything. But I still liked it because all of the characters had their own problems, and as you learn about their fears and see what they go through or had to go through, you start sympathizing with them and--that just makes it worse when they are forced to face their beasts. 

And that ending! That was one messed up ending! I could not believe that it ended like that! Of all people to walk away, it had to be him?! D:

Not cool, yo.

By the time Dread was over, it was already one in the morning, and we were tired so we went to bed. Lauren stayed the night since she didn't want to go back to an empty house after watching all of those movies, lol.

Well, we went to bed, but I didn't go to sleep until three. Not because I was scared, lol, but because I was checking my mail and reading fanfics for a while. :P

When we got up, it was already 11, so we decided to watch another movie while eating our leftovers. I didn't want to watch a scary movie in the middle of the day, so we looked around and decided to watch TiMER, which was a comedy and fantasy. 

I liked it enough, but it raised so many questions since it was about a time in the future where you can get these timers on your wrist that will count down the time until you meet your soul-mate. The whole creation of the timers themselves made me skeptical since it's impossible to know the exact day or time that you will meet someone since there are so many different paths that you can take in a day, so the fact that a timer would be able to tell you seemed ridiculous. 

Also, the earliest age to get a timer was when you're 14 years old. How is that enough information to find your soul-mate when you've barely lived and experienced anything? If you found your soul-mate when you're 14 and have been constantly told that the timers are never wrong, couldn't you just believe that you love your soul-mate because of that? And that doesn't just go to the 14 year olds; it also applies to every age when you find your soul-mate. 

What if you think you love him or her because that's what your timer said. What if you're just lying to yourself because you don't want to or are too scared to put yourself out there trying to find the perfect person for yourself by yourself. And what happens to the people who have found their soul-mates, only to have them die because of some accident or disease? Are they able to find a new soul-mate or are they destined to be alone forever now?

All of those questions gave me so many fic ideas, but I haven't written a story since ninth grade and have no time to write now, and I wouldn't even know if I would want to write original fic or fanfic, and if it was fanfic, which fandom and which characters to use, and all of those questions have such difficult answers that I don't even know if I can answer them and argh. It's just too much. I wish I had more motivation to write. ;__;

Also, I did not like the ending of the movie because poor Mikey! D:

Lol, and I wrote this whole post as a means of procrastination because I have to write a 4-6 page essay for Gendered Lives by tomorrow, and I have yet to start. Obviously, I'm trying to kill myself. DDD:


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