Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break! :D

Granted, my Fall Break is only two days, so it's more like an extended weekend, but hey! I'm not complaining. :P

Even though I've still got homework to do, it seems like my Fall Break is going to be busier than I thought. I had originally thought that I'd be home half of the time, catching up on youchoob and reading (and maybe some homework :P), and the other half out with friends and stuff, but I guess I'm booked for the rest of this week. 

I went with SWE (Society for Women Engineers) to tour the Frito Lays factory earlier today with my sis and friends. We had to take off all of our jewelry before going on the tour, so I lost one of my studs between then and going to Kohl's afterwards, which sucked. After I dropped Meethu home, I had to go the mall to buy me some new earrings so that my holes wouldn't close up. I got this pair of mini owl studs, which looked really cool, but I dropped one down the drain when I was trying to put it on... so I only have one owl stud and one circle stud now. -__-" What a great pair, lol.

Anyway, tomorrow, I'm going to the fair with my sis, bro, and little cousins since they want to go. Then, on Saturday, I might be meeting up with Cullen, an old friend from elementary school. Then on Sunday, I'll be going to the fair again with my high school friends though. 

Shanice couldn't make it since she doesn't have a ride from Atlanta, which sucks, but Michelle had wanted to go back to our apartment on Sunday, too, so I'm not even sure if I'll be able to go anymore? This saddens me. A lot. I was really looking forward to it. :(

But eh, I already talked with Meethu about not being able to keep in touch with our high school friends much since the college started, and we figured we'd be able to catch up after the semester's over over Winter Break and stuff. If anything, we'll have a lot to tell each other. :) So even if I can't go, it'll be okay. 

Anyway, we'll see what happens when it happens. This is probably why I don't really like planning things; they never go as I plan. :P

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