Monday, October 22, 2012

Dat sleepless college life

Sooo, I'm really living that procrastinating college student life, staying up late writing my papers. 

Like, Lauren left to go home around one yesterday so that I could start working on my essay...but I didn't start until midnight. And I didn't go to bed until around 5:45 in the morning. And I wasn't even finished with my essay. OTL 

But I didn't totally waste my day goofing off! I went to SI to get help with my homework (and Caitlyn couldn't figure out how to do it either so I'm stuck...) and I went grocery shopping around 11 at night since that was the only good time for us to go since we all didn't want to do our homework or study yet. 

And besides, it all worked out! After getting raped by the Calc quiz this morning, I went back to my apartment with Meethu and finished writing my essay with enough time to take a quick 15 minute nap so that I wouldn't feel so tired for the rest of the day. 

Did I tell you how I had to wake up at nine this morning because I agreed to work the first hour of selling baked goods for SWE today? So I only got around three hours of sleep, and surprisingly, I wasn't tired at all until I was in programming, but that was at six at night, so yeah... I wasn't sleepy once we went to lab though, so I think it was all good. :D

Anyway, Tyler's coming over tomorrow since he found out that he's going to bootcamp for the Navy in Chicago in less than two weeks and I wanted to see him one more time before he left for two months. I forgot that I cooked dinner on Tuesdays, so I'm going to make him help me cook lasagna since he's spending the night anyway. 

So yeah! I think I'm going to take a shower and then go to bed in an hour or two. I don't feel tired, but that might be because I'm in front of my laptop, and I feel slightly dazed with a hint of a headache. And anyway, I want to get a proper night's sleep. :P


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