Saturday, October 13, 2012


I finally got a new phone today! :DDD 

I've been ready for a new update since last October and Shelle has needed an update for a while too, but my parents were too busy to do anything about it. But my dad finally asked us if we wanted to get new phones now or around December when they're most likely to release newer phones. Since we wanted Droids, and it was on sale, we decided to upgrade our phones now, so we went to the Verizon store today, and my dad decided to get the iPhone 5 since he was due for an upgrade too.

So yeah! After almost three years of my old brick, I have a shiny new smartphone that doesn't act retarded! :D

I got a Droid Razor M while my sis got a Droid Razor since she wanted to keep her big screen. I didn't want a huge-ass phone since they're harder to stuff in my pockets, so I really like the size of my Droid. It's all nice and thin and awesome. XD

I spent a couple of hours customizing it instead of doing my homework, so I think I'm going to be super stressed out by Monday/Tuesday night trying to finish my midterm. OTL

In conclusion, I'm going to eat dinner and then attempt to finish the first section of my midterm. 


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