Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cover Lover 24

Why is it that whenever Shelle and I go home on the weekends, we hardly ever accomplish half of our homework assignments that we plan on doing there? -__-"

Is it because we're too busy doing laundry and running around doing errands? Is it because I'm not accustomed to doing homework in my room anymore since I'm used to doing it on our dining table at our apartment and only use my bed as a means of sleeping there? Is it because I'm still used to not doing much homework in my room since high school homework is nothing compared to college homework? Is it because being away from the apartment feels like a vacation in which I do not want to do anything academic? Is it because even in high school, I goofed off on Fridays and Saturdays and did all of my homework on Sundays, thus making this become an ingrained habit?

I think it's a little bit of everything, lol.

Anyway, ever since we came back to the apartment earlier today since Shelle had to go to work at one, I've been studying and doing my homework after putting away all of my laundry and the groceries. This is my first break! :D I do not intend on making this an hour-long break like how I usually like to do, lol.

I'm going do my homework! I must! There's so much due by Wednesday, as per usual. D: And I still have to start studying for next week's tests! My calc test and programming test is on the same day! DDD:

...I'm going to go now before I drown in misery thinking about everything that I have to do. :P Enjoy!

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