Friday, November 11, 2011

Well. Today was interesting.

It was an interesting day. 

For instance, I woke up around 8, which was five minutes before my parents barged into my room to turn on my lights to see if I needed some more lightbulbs. o__O I know, my parents are odd. They definitely woke me up for sure, lol.

Then, as they're about to leave, my I get a text, and my mom was so confused reading it since it said "Fluffy Charmander [Daughter]" as my contact, lol. She had texted me saying that she didn't feel good. Like, she felt like she was going to puke, which was really not good since I was coughing like crazy as soon as I woke up. I wasn't sure if today would have been able to go on if a third of the people were sick, lol. But she was fine and could make it in the end.

Seth and Shanice came over around 11 as planned, and Shanice went to work making her ramen and having fail moments, which was entertaining. Since Seth had already made his pasta at home, and I was pretty much finished baking cookies, we just sat around and talked while we waited for Meethu and Jackie to come. 

Jackie ended up not being able to go, which was a disappointment since Seth really wanted some Kool-Aid, and I wanted some fried chicken, lol. And Meethu didn't come over until around 1, and she had made plans to go on a date with Zack at 2, so we sent him a text asking him if they could meet up at Bare Bulb around 3 instead, and he agreed with it, so things were all good for a bit, even though Meethu was rushing around trying to quickly cook her curry, lol.

Our meal! I forgot about the fried rice until later, which is why the table looks even more empty than what we had expected, lol.

Definitely interesting. I fed my cousins fried rice since it was already 1, and my friends and I finally started eating around 1:30 or something near there. It was really fun. Since earlier, when Seth and I tried Shanice's ramen, Shanice and I were making fun of him since he couldn't use chopsticks, he dared us to use chopsticks to eat pasta later, so for revenge, we made everyone eat lunch using only chopsticks. Even though Meethu hardly ever used chopsticks, she could use them fine, so it was entertaining watching Seth try to spear the pasta with a chopstick in the beginning before attempting to actually use them. 

After we put all of the dishes in the dishwasher, we went to Wal-Greens because Shaince told us that they had a 2 for a dollar sale on Arizona Tea. Since Meethu and Seth had never had them, we had to go buy some for them to try.

Since it was close to 3, we hung out in Shanice's car for a bit, waiting so that we could drop Meethu off at Bare Bulb closer to her date time. But we didn't expect to see Zack at the parking lot later, lol. 

We left Wal-Green's parking lot when it was a few minutes until 3, going across the street to Bare Bulb, and we were parked nearer to the furthest cars in the parking lot, waiting for Zack to show up since we didn't want Meethu to be there so early since she was always the one initiating things with Zack, and then, what do you know, Zack pulls up and PASSES Shanice's car, totally glancing over at us and seeing Seth for sure. AND MEETHU WAS ON THAT SIDE, TOO. Luckily, her back was to the window, so we're not sure if he saw her since he never stopped by Shanice's car after he got out. 

Anyway, Meethu finally got out of the car, almost nauseous with nerves, and we wished her luck. And joked with her while she tried to stop hyperventilating, lol.

Then we went back to my house, eventually going back up to my room where Seth kept on trying to get on my computer. I was pretty sure that he was going to try to rearrange my bazillion tabs so that his OCD-ness would be satisfied, lol, which is why I pretty much denied him access to my account. But I finally logged on for him, and he deleted a bunch of useless cookies and temporary files that I didn't need. 

Then Shanice left around four since she had plans to go see Immortals with Josh and some other friends, and Seth couldn't go because he didn't have any money, and I couldn't go since I had to babysit. So we stayed at my place and talked and joked around. Eventually, Seth went back to his house to get his laptop and expensive headphones that worked a lot better than mine.

While he was gone, Zack dropped Meethu off, and she told me that there wasn't a spark after all, like I pretty much predicted. Earlier, while she was worrying about how terrible she looked (she looked pretty as usual :P), I asked her if she really did like him because I couldn't see it. To me, it seemed more like she liked him because she knew that he used to like her and because she could never live without crushing on someone, and Zack just happened to her current crush since she hadn't liked anyone else yet. 

And she told me that there wasn't a spark during their date at all, which sucked, but I'm glad that she can finally get over him. I mean, I like Zack and all, but I can't really imagine them together. And I'm not sure why either. I mean, they looked cute together during Homecoming, but I dunno. I'm not sure why I was so against her dating him after a while. :\

So yeah, Seth came back over, bringing his laptop but forgetting his headphones, we chilled in my room for a while until Meethu's mom came over to pick her up. Then Seth and I were on our laptops, showing each other random pics and stuff until I heard my mom downstairs.

Then realization of the situation sunk in. Seth and I were upstairs, alone in my room. A boy and a girl. It didn't matter that Seth was gay or not. My mom didn't know yet. And then I heard my dad downstairs. O__O

I had to take my cousins back over to their house to feed them, so I made Seth leave, too. So there we were, walking down the stairs, getting our stuff together, and my mom asks Seth if he wanted the rest of his pasta or not, which he didn't, so while she was putting the pasta in a bowl and washing the pot for him, she told me in Vietnamese that I couldn't be alone in a room with a boy. 

I started laughing because I knew that nothing would ever happen with Seth, and I told her that he was gay. She just said that she knew, but that I still couldn't be having boys upstairs in my room since other people wouldn't know and think that I was up to something, and that she wasn't going to tell my dad, who was outside, about this because who knew what he would do.

I was just laughing. I think it was partly out of relief because I wasn't sure if she was going to be mad that I had a boy in my room or because I didn't know how she would react to me being friends with a gay guy since we never brought up the topic of homosexuality in my family, so I didn't know how they felt about it. 

Anyway, when we were eating dinner, my mom asked me if Seth was really gay, and I told her yes, he was. That an acquaintance of ours that was a boy had a crush on him and that it was really funny. She told me that she didn't know if she could believe me when I first told her because I was laughing, which made me laugh some more. 

Then my dad asked me if he had any other siblings, and I told him that he did, and my dad just laughed at that. Still not sure why, but yeah... Then I told them that he wanted to be a computer software engineer and that he was fixing my computer earlier, so I think that that helped him get in their good graces, especially since my dad said that I should of had him look at the new GPS that they had bought to program it, lol.

But yeah, I left out some stuff about him that I was pretty sure would ruin the nice image my parents already had of him. :P

Then, I asked them if it was okay if he came over and they said that it was fine, which was good, since he's been coming over a lot lately, whether they knew about it or not, lol. I told them that he doesn't like to be lonely, so he goes over to his friends' houses a lot just to prepare them, and they didn't say anything, so I guess they're fine with it. I'm just not sure if I still can only have him downstairs in plain sight...

But yeah, Seth wants to get adopted in my family, so we're going to see if it could work. I mean, everyone other friend of Shelle's and mine's that became adopted in the family (Krista, Teyana, Emily) were accepted because they came over a whole bunch, so if Seth was over a lot, like he has been and plans on doing, I think my parents will be fine with it. But I'm not totally sure since he's still a boy and whatnot. :P

And yeah, that's how my day's been so far. :P

I just started reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkins (Ugh! Why do I keep on reading super thick books?! It's not like I have the time to finish them quickly! D:). I have super high expectations for this book. I hope it doesn't let me down. :P But I don't feel like reading right now, so I think I'm going to watch a movie or something...


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