Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm sick. :(

I've taken some medicine and my head feels like it's full of cotton and I just finished reading a book and it was okay even though I really wanted to read something amazing to really distract me from my perpetually runny nose and I'm home alone and restless but tired at the same time and I don't like being sick!

What sucks is that yesterday was my birthday and I was pretty okay with only a little bit of a runny nose, but today was terrible. I was doped up on medicine all day and Krista was over and I feel bad that we didn't really do anything since I was so tired and loopy since I felt so bad when she was over. 

But yesterday was pretty fun and embarrassing. I really want to type it all out, but I don't think I can manage. I can't focus on doing it for long. :\

Anyway, over this weekend, while I was hanging out with Krista and Shelle, I realized that my earlier problem that I thought that I had solved was not over and done with. :( However, I came to the conclusion earlier, after I took a shower and felt much better: I don't care anymore. No more over-thinking. No more guessing. Just roll with it and whatever happens happens. This problem shouldn't last longer than this school year and I don't see the point in doing anything since I really doubt anything will happen anyway other than possibly making things really awkward. 

So there. I WILL do nothing. Like I've been doing ever since this whole problem/confusion came up. :P

Gah. Boys. Why are you so much trouble?!

Double ugh. Tomorrow is going to be torture. I have to study for the calc test on Monday and Tuesday, write two scholarship essays, review Act II of Othello, and do my creative writing assignment. 

this will be me -__-"
Yeah, I know, I should have at least done some of it yesterday and today, but when you're sick, it's pretty difficult. :\

I'm gonna go. Don't know what I'm going to do now... but I doubt it'll be productive. ._.


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