Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reading Bare Books & A Creepy Cover

I don't know about you guys, but when I read hardcover books, I take the dustjacket off and read the book completely bare.

In the beginning, my original purpose for doing that was so that people (friends, acquaintances, and strangers) would stop snatching the book away from me to look at the cover and try to read the summary. This happened a lot since I was a voracious reader ever since I was young and my friends were always interested in what I read since I had a new book almost every day.

So, tired of it happening all of the time, I decided to take the dustcover off of my hardcover books and read them completely bare. Plus, I was tired of people judging what I was reading from just looking at the cover, which is a little hypocritical since I used to do that all the time before I became such a YA bookworm and recognized almost all of the books that I saw. -__-"

After deciding to do that with my books, I now only bring my hardcover books to school so that no one can judge my tastes in books by looking at the cover. They now have to ask me what it's about and suffer through my rambling and hopeless summarizing skills. :P

Anyway, the reason why I was even writing this post was because of something else.

The other day, I was looking at By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters, a book that I had read earlier this year. Since it was a hardcover book, I didn't look at the dustjacket that closely since I kind of just took it out of my TBR pile wanting a quick read (the book looks really thin, but the story is pretty dark and heavy, which is why I couldn't just speed through it like I had wanted to).

So, I finally took a closer look at the cover, and I was kind of shocked. Shocked to find out that I was actually a little creeped out by the cover. The girl's stare was a little disturbing. I don't know if it's because I've read the book and know how Daelyn is and what she wants, but yeah...her stare creeped me out.

Like, if you really look at her eyes, you can see that they look dark, soulless, dead...and staring right at you.

But yeah, just wanted to share that with you. It's been so long that I've actually been creeped out by a cover that I can't even remember the last one that impacted me!

Anyway, I'm gonna go. But before I do...

No school tomorrow! Woo! Thank you veterans! :D 

My friends are coming over tomorrow, and we're having an international lunch. We're basically using stereotypes on what food to make, lol. Meethu's making curry, Seth's making pasta, Jackie's bringing fried chicken and kool-aid, Shanice's making ramen, my mom's making fried rice for me, and I'm going to bake cookies or muffins. It's going to be awesome.  ^^


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