Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tumblr Pics 17

Seth texted me earlier and apparently, there's a little Harry Potter movie marathon on today! Not sure which movie is on right now, but I'm about to start watching it after I post this. :D

I was planning on watching them earlier, but I watched Law Abiding Citizen with my little bro instead. We were planning on catching up on this season's episodes of The Walking Dead, but things didn't work out on the Xbox, so we ended up watching Law Abiding Citzen on Netflix instead.

A little update on what happened yesterday: 

Originally, Shelle and I had plans to go watch Warrior at the dollar theater last night, but she couldn't make it, so I went to go watch Killer Elite with Seth and Shanice. Since one of my uncles came home early yesterday, I didn't have to babysit until 8 like usual, so we went to the 7 o'clock showing, and I didn't tell my mom about it since she wasn't home and I assumed that I would be home before she was since she was over at my aunt's house. That, and I didn't really think that she would care...

So yeah, we watched the movie and then went to Taco Bell to eat dinner afterwards and goofed off there for a while. I had left my phone on silent, so I didn't realize that my mom had called me until half an hour later, and I didn't want to go home yet, so I never called her back, using the excuse that my phone was on silent the whole time so I never heard her. That, and the fact that she knows that I forget to answer my phone half of the time. 

I eventually came home around 10, and my mom was talking on her cell in the kitchen, so I just quietly went up to my room wondering if I would get in trouble. She called up to me later asking how come I didn't call and tell her that I was going out and that Daddy was really mad finding out about this. I'm not sure if she was lying about Daddy, cuz she always says that Daddy will be mad at whatever wrong thing that we do, but since this was the first time that any of us (my siblings and I) had done something like this and gotten caught, I wasn't sure if Daddy really was mad since he wasn't even home. But my parents call each other all of the time, so I'm pretty sure he heard about this...

Anyway, I told her that I didn't call her because I thought that I would have been home before her, which, now that I think about it, wasn't such a smart thing to say. Luckily, her cell rang, so she completely forgot about grilling me afterwards. 

But still, I should have just called her yesterday to get permission. She usually says yes whenever I ask to go out to watch movies, but now she actually has a reason to doubt me and say no to future requests as punishment. :(

I am a bad child. :P We shall see if this little error will blow over. [I somehow doubt it...]

In the mean time, check out the pics! It's quite an odd assortment, lol. 

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