Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mini Reviews: Iron Man 2, Ironclad, Killer Elite

Title: Iron Man 2
Running time: 124 min
Release date: May 7, 2010
Rated: PG-13
Summary taken from imdb:
With the world now aware of his dual life as the armored superhero Iron Man, billionaire inventor Tony Stark faces pressure from the government, the press, and the public to share his technology with the military. Unwilling to let go of his invention, Stark, along with Pepper Potts, and James "Rhodey" Rhodes at his side, must forge new alliances - and confront powerful enemies.


Iron Man 2 was just as highly entertaining as the first movie. Great action scenes, funny one-liners, good plot, and humorous characters.

 is a cocky asshole who you usually hate, but his charisma and wit lets him get away with everything. And, you know, his intelligence helps, too. That is why he has a logical reasoning behind his crazy eccentric behavior in the movie, which makes him seem all the more real.

Anyway, a great blockbuster movie that will entertain you for two hours.

Is anyone else excited for The Avengers? I'm not a huge Marvel fan and still need to watch Captain America: The First Avenger and The Incredible Hulk, but I can already tell from the cast of characters that the movie's going to be epic. :D

Title: Ironclad
Running time: 121 min
Release date: July 26, 2011
Rating: R
Summary taken from imdb: 
It is the year 1215 and the rebel barons of England have forced their despised King John to put his royal seal to the Magna Carta, a noble, seminal document that upheld the rights of free-men. Yet within months of pledging himself to the great charter, the King reneged on his word and assembled a mercenary army on the south coast of England with the intention of bringing the barons and the country back under his tyrannical rule. Barring his way stood the mighty Rochester castle, a place that would become the symbol of the rebel's momentous struggle for justice and freedom.


I'm not sure how much of the movie was historically accurate, but it looked and felt correct to me.

The torture methods made the movie more gory than I expected, which isn't bad, but was still a little shocking watching the scenes. Everyone was so brutal in the movie, it made me wonder how I would have handled living in a time period like that.

The romance made me cringe every time the woman kept on coming after the Templar. I just wanted to shake her! I mean, he's trying to help protect everyone from being killed and you have to seek him out and distract so many times?! I don't know if all of those times were to build up a tension between them, because all I could do was cringe.

But the fight scenes were great, full of brutal killings and strategic planning. The plot was solid and the characters were diverse. I hated the king so much, that greedy, self-righteous, cruel person. I can understand his reasoning for his actions, but I could never agree with what he did.

If you like historical or war movies, I would definitely recommend this movie.

Title: Killer Elite
Running time: 116 min
Release date: September 23, 2011
Rating: R
Summary taken from imdb: 
Based on a true story, Killer Elite pits two of the worlds' most elite operatives - Danny, an ex-special ops agent (Jason Statham) and Hunter, his longtime mentor (Robert De Niro) - against the cunning leader of a secret military society ('Clive Owen' ). Covering the globe from Australia to Paris, London and the Middle East, Danny and Hunter are plunged into a highly dangerous game of cat and mouse - where the predators become the prey.


I'm giving it 2.5 stars because I don't think that Killer Elite is my type of movie. You know, the one where the lone wolf main character has to go on a mission in order to save someone. Okay, well, normally, I like plots like that, but I felt like this movie didn't have enough of something to keep me that entertained.

For me, it's one of those movies where you watch it once and never again.

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