Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie Review/Fangirling: Summer Wars

Title: Summer Wars
Running time: 120 min
Distributor: FUNimation Productions
Release date: 02-15-2011
Rated: PG
Summary taken from Anime News Network:
Kenji is your typical teenage misfit. He's good at math, bad with girls, and spends most of his time hanging out in the all-powerful, online community known as OZ. His second life is the only life he has - until the girl of his dreams, Natsuki, hijacks him for a starring role as a fake fiance at her family reunion. Things only get stranger from there. A late-night email containing a cryptic mathematic riddle leads to the unleashing of a rogue AI intent on using the virtual word of OZ to destroy the real world, literarily. As Armageddon looms on the horizon, Kenji and his new "family" set aside their differences and band together to save the worlds they inhabit.

My review/fangirling:

I don't even know where to begin. This is my attempt at reviewing one of the greatest anime movies [or any movie in general] that I have seen in ages whilst trying not to fangirl too much after having finish watching it only a few minutes ago.

I had already read some reviews for this movie a while ago which were all praise, so I had some high expectations. The reviews were right; this movie completely blew me away with its awesomeness.

Summer Wars is the epitome of a perfect movie. It has everything that contributes together into making it one of the greatest movies in created in ages. It has a solid plot, bits of romance and drama, action, plenty of suspense, moments of sorrow, complimenting background music, amazing art and CG work, and the most endearing characters that makes you cheer and empathize with.

When Kenji goes to Natsuki's family gathering, he doesn't expect for his life to change so drastically. What starts out like a beginning to a romantic comedy is really the beginning of an adventure that Kenji and Natsuki's family must embark to save the world. Sorta. I can't tell you everything or else it'll spoil the plot. :P

I loved watching the character growth that Kenji goes throughout the movie. While he was still shy and timid like he was in the beginning of the movie, he really grew a backbone and did everything that he could to help out as the movie went on, thus becoming the hero in the end.

The rest of the characters also showed a lot of growth throughout the movie. While the characters were all already well developed and with unique personalities, they all grew, learned, forgave, and worked together to help stop the bad guy as the movie progressed. I haven't felt such a strong connection to a family as Natsuki's in a long time; I'd love to have a family such as hers.

I can't even talk about the plot without giving it away. It's just amazing, especially in the second half of the movie when the plot really picks up.

You go through so many emotions throughout the movie: amusement, confusion, amazement, impatience, sadness, hope, pride, anticipation, and joy. Summer Wars is one rollercoaster of a movie that's great to watch with family and/or friends.

My only complaint about the movie is that the FUNimation subtitle team didn't bother to translate the kanji on the messages and some of the word bubbles in the movie when they were in the game, so I couldn't understand what the in-game characters were saying. However, it only happened a few times, and I could use context clues to figure out what they were saying, so it wasn't too much of a trouble.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. It's amazing. I need to go and buy me a copy of it right away and then re-watch it because it's so great. Then, I'm going to force my friends and family to watch it and make them jump on the fangirl bandwagon. :)

Check out the trailer! Although it shows some of the best scenes in the movie if you want a little spoiler...

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