Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey guys. It's Friday, Friday, Friday...

Lol, you'll have to watch this music video to understand.

Everybody at my school has been talking about Rebecca Black's song, "Friday", for the past week. And if you actually stopped and watch her mv, you'll understand why.

The song sucks. The lyrics are stupid, she sounds nasally whenever she sings the chorus, kids that young shouldn't even be driving a car, and a whole bunch of other stuff are the main complaints that everyone I've talked to has said about "Friday".

Anyway, that isn't the main topic of today's post. Actually, I've got some random things to talk about. Like always. :P

First of all, Spring Break has officially started! That means lots of time to read and catch up on movies and dramas! :D

I'm so glad that the week's finally over! I stayed up til one in the morning Wednesday night to finish writing my research paper and woke up an hour early to check it over one more time before printing out the final copy. Actually, I was surprised to realize that I finished writing it so early. I was expecting to stay up til four in the morning, so I was doing a happy dance in between proofreading at one.

And you can't even imagine the bliss I felt knowing that I was finally done with the whole thing the next day in first period when I turned it in. It was indescribable. Also probably from the fact that I had been getting 3-5 hours of sleep for the past few days which made me feel daze half of the time I was awake. -__-"

So yeah, it felt great to half that pressure finally gone. Plus the fact that I found out that I made a 100 on the math quiz I took on the same day the paper was due. :D

The other day, I realized that I totally forgot that it was serious insanity's 3rd anniversary waayyy back in January. And while checking my older posts, I found out that I did have a post up on that day, it was for a IMM post, lol.

I'm such a lousy blogger. :P

So here's my super belated shout out to my blog: HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY/BIRTHDAY! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I'VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR SO LONG. :c

It seems like I'm always catching up with everything these days. The other day, I was on youtube (which was how I found out about Rebecca Black's song over the weekend), catching up with all of my subscriptions, and I saw a new video that Ryan Higa posted two weeks ago. This video is just another reason why I love that guy. He's amazingly kind and funny.

Also, it was revealed a couple of weeks/last week, that Jennifer Lawrence is going to play Katniss in the Hunger Games movie!

Like most people, I had never heard of her before, so I was pretty skeptical on her acting chops. Plus, I wasn't too sure about her physical appearance either since Katniss has dark hair and an olive skin tone.

But...I watched Winter's Bone, which I think is her first lead role in a movie, and I think she'll make a decent Katniss. She can act, and she can be tough. I'm just wondering what movie magic they'll use in the end to better portray her as Katniss. That, and who's going to play Peeta and Cinna. :D

And that's all for now, folks!


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