Monday, March 28, 2011

serious insanity's Creation and Renovations

I originally started this blog as an extension of my journals that I kept because it was easier to post pictures and embed videos on a blog than it was to print millions of pictures and describe videos in my journal.

While I obviously kept my journals private, I kept my blog public because I'm a dreamer who's read too many books, even when I was in middle school. After reading a couple of books about people becoming great friends online, I hoped to have the same thing happen to me. It still hasn't happened, and even though I don't particularly care if it never does happen now, I definitely wouldn't mind if it ever did. :)

As the years passed, I became more focused on my blog than my journal. I still write in my journal a few times a year, but I've been posting on here much more regularly just because everything that I talk about is usually connected to some external links or pictures that is easier to post about than hand writing it all.

But what was the purpose of my blog and journal? I kept them to write down important events and interests that occurred to me because I wanted to be able to look back and remember them all. I have a pretty bad memory so I knew that writing everything down would make sure that I wouldn't totally forget everything that has ever happened to me.

Plus, I always liked looking back and seeing how much my handwriting and writing style has changed over the years which is one of the main reasons why I still write in my journal a few times a year.

So, since this blog was created for me to post about whatever happened to me or whatever has caught my interest, I figured that I might as well incorporate everything that I do online on here. What I'm talking about is: I'm going to start posting reviews on here as well as keeping up with my regular updates as well.

I write reviews for some advanced reader's copies that I get and also review books that I have read whenever I have something to say about them whether it be good or bad, and I post them all up on my goodread's account.

Now, I'm going to post my reviews up on serious insanity, too. My blog isn't going to become a book blog, though, especially since I usually don't write full, proper reviews on many of the books that I read, so the reviews are most likely going to be sporadic. I'll prolly write reviews for movies and other stuff on here, too. I don't know yet, since this is all spur of the moment.

So far, I have already planned to post some of my more recent reviews on here, to start putting tags on those posts and the other posts that are memes [only for those cuz I have no idea how to categorize any of my other posts, lol], and plan to write plenty of mini reviews [on some of the recent books that I've read and on future books] just because I usually write short reviews for half of the books that I read anyway.

All of these reviews and changes aren't going to happen too quickly; that's just too much work for someone as lazy as me. They'll prolly be spread out from the rest of this week all the way til the end of April if I have that many old reviews to work with.

Fair warning to those who actually stumble upon my blog, my reviews are usually unprofessional and ramble-y. :P

So! I'm going to go get started on all of these changes!


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