Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Break is Over :/ & Summer Plans

This week has been the most relaxing, stress free week I've had ever since school started. I'm sad that it's finally over, especially since it's the last break that I'll have until school's over.

During this break, instead of studying for the ACTs or my AP exams like I should have, I read a whole bunch of books since forever, watched movies/dramas/variety shows, cleaned my room [sorta :P], blogged,  caught up on the blogosphere, and generally lazed about. It was awesome. :3 Although I'll prolly regret not studying in the next few weeks... D:

I know that a lot of people would consider my break to be pretty boring (especially some of my friends who are always itching to go out and do stuff), but I liked it. I'm an introvert, so having a whole bunch of me time (even when I'm babysitting) is great in my opinion; I get to do whatever I want to do and not have to deal with other people and their distractions.

But I didn't spend my whole break isolated, lol; I did babysit the majority of the time. Also, Krista came over during the weekend and we hung out in what felt like ages. Other than that, nothing major happened over my break. My friends and I were supposed to meet up at my place to get started working on our Latin project, but we never got around to it... -__-"

Also, last night, I went out to the China Buffet with my family and aunts and uncles where I stuffed myself silly. :P It sucked that I couldn't go outside for a walk/run/jog when we got back home, though. My stomach was still full by the time I went to bed. =__=

Anyway, here's a list of all the books that I've read over the break! It's prolly the most I've read in such a short time since the summer. I also prolly won't be able to read that much again until the summer. D:

Books I've read over Spring Break:
  1. Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman
  2. Promise by Kristie Cook
  3. Hetalia Axis Power vol. 2 by Hidekaz Himaruya
  4. Zombicorns by John Green
  5. Cloaked by Alex Flinn
  6. New Beginnings by Kotetsuko Yamamoto
  7. Going Bovine by Libba Bray
  8. Momogumi Plus Senki vol. 2 by Eri Sakondou
  9. Momgumi Plus Senki vol. 3 by Eri Sakondou
      Oh yeah, I kept on forgetting to mention this. Two days after school ends, my mom, sis, bro, some of my cousins and aunts, and I are going to Vietnam for five weeks. We're gonna go visit family since my grandpa was really sick earlier near the end of last year, so it might be his last chance to see us, and we're also going to go sight seeing and stuff. ...I think. -__-"

      My mom's been saying that we'd go visit Vietnam over the summer since the beginning of the year, but she finally bought the tickets a few weeks ago, so it's definitely for sure that we're going now. My dad and uncles are staying home to work though, so the whole family's not going which kind of sucks. I mean, I rarely see my dad as it is, but now, I won't see him for over a whole month, and I'll have to endure Mommy's nagging the whole time. :P

      Don't know much details other than the fact that I'm going to be super tan by the time we get back since we're going in the middle of the summer, and that I will not be able to read as much and therefore reduce my piles of TBR books as I was planning to earlier this year.

      However, I've already planned on bringing at least six books for the trip since it takes a day on the plane to get there as it is. I'm going to find time to read while we're there, and if I miraculously run out of books to read, I still have some books on my Kindle and Nook apps on my iPod. I've got it all planned out. :D Although nothing ever goes according to my plans... :/

      Actually, I'm kind of nervous about going to Vietnam. I've only been there once and that was when I was in Pre-K, so I don't really remember anything other than the fact that I refused to cut my hair while we were there even though it was really hot so I ended up having to put my hair up in a ponytail the whole time. And accidentally stepping in a rice paddy field and having my sandal lost somewhere at the bottom of it when my foot quickly pulled out afterwords only to have my cousin to find it for me.

      What's really making me anxious about the trip is the fact that I can hardly understand Vietnamese, much less speak it. I usually get the gist of what my parents, aunts, and uncles are saying when they speak in Viet, but I definitely don't know enough of the language to completely understand what they say half of the time. Plus, it's going to be even harder to understand people in Vietnam because there's a whole bunch of dialects there, too. Also, I don't know why, but I never could answer people back in Viet since elementary school besides using very small sentences; I can't speak Viet, and since I haven't tried in so long, it sounds really awkward whenever I do. 

      So yeah, I'm gonna be completely out of the loop when we go to Vietnam over the summer. My sis and parents will do a lot of the translating, but it's not going to be the same since I'll be surrounded by a language and culture (I don't even know half of the Vietnamese culture now that I think about it! Crap, I'm so screwed. D:) that might as well be foreign to me. I really mean it; whenever my mom turns on the Vietnamese channels at home, everything they say goes in one ear and out of the other. I automatically tune them out whenever I hear Viet. But I think that's a habit I developed from tuning out my mom whenever she is on the phone; she always yells into the thing and I can always hear her no matter where I am in the house. -__-"


      Hopefully, I'll relearn some Viet while we're there so I won't be completely lost. :) We'll see.

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