Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Was My Dream a Sign? & Music Memories

I realize that this was a whole week ago, but I still wanted to write about this since I keep on remembering it.

Last Tuesday morning, I woke up remembering one of the most strangest dreams that I've had in a long while, which was pretty shocking since I hardly ever remember any of my dreams.

Earlier that morning, around two in the morning, I had woken up and couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to finished reading A Blue So Dark by Holly Schindler since I had a third left to read of it. The book was pretty good; I liked the last half of the book much more compared to the first half.

So I finished the book and settled back down and tried to sleep again. As I laid there, I suddenly realized that I hadn't written a story since last year before my junior year had started, and that I missed it. I really liked writing and thinking up plots and characters even though I had so much trouble trying to find the right words to use and knew that I was just an amateur.

But I'm digressing.

As I tried to go back to sleep, I remembered that I hadn't written a story in a long time and that I wanted to start writing again.

Another subject that I thought about while trying to sleep -- and I honestly have no idea where it came from -- was about The Host by Stephanie Meyer and how goodreads says that the sequel and the third book in the series is coming out next year. I remembered thinking to myself that I'd finally get around to reading The Host after the sequel came out so that I wouldn't have to wait forever for it's sequel if I liked it.

I think that those two subjects were the main reason behind my strange dream since it involved an alien taking over a host's body with the main character as a human friend who helps her with the process. But that was only half of the dream. The other half was confusing since I couldn't remember much so there were a lot of parts that didn't add up in the end.

When I was brushing my teeth and trying to remember everything in my dream so that I could write it down later (which I did while eating breakfast -__-), I remembered reading from a couple of author interviews that some authors got their ideas from their dreams, so I was like, Is this a sign? There's so much of a coincidence happening here!

I remembered some scenes from my dream so well, like they were shots from a movie, and I can easily make a plot from all that I do remember from my dream if I can think of some answers to the plot holes that I can't reason out, so I'm wondering if this is a sign that I should write again. Or that I should write about this when I do.

If I do write this, and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to at least attempt to, it's going to be completely different from anything I've ever written so far. I've written stories ranging from fantasy to contemporary to kids with superpowers, but this would be my first attempt at science fiction, and I'm kind of excited to try it out. It would require lots of planning and thinking concerning how the worlds and societies would be like, and this is the first time that I immediately knew how the first half of the story would take place, which I really like since it cuts back on a lot of indecisive dillydallying. Now, if I could just figure out the ending, then I would be fully committed on writing this story out. :L

But, since I'm in a writing mood (sorta), I also want to try to continue or revise my old stories since all of the stories that I've written so far were eventually forgotten about so they're all unfinished and lying in notebooks and binders collecting dust and memories. -__-" Whenever I look back on them, I remember the time period when I wrote them and how I wanted the plot to be and the excitement of trying to write it down exactly as how I pictured everything in my head, and the nostalgia comes back and hits me like a ton of bricks.

I miss the old days, like the time when I was in Middle School and I didn't have to study and life was generally much simpler back then.

Yesterday, after school, I went with Sydne to Wal-Mart to get her new iPod since her old one finally broke [it wouldn't turn on anymore]. Since we couldn't listen to her iPod, we listened to her PSP during the drive in her car. But, it eventually died, and we listened to the radio a bit before we got tired of it and Sydne told me to get a CD out from her dashboard compartment thinger.

One of the top CDs was The Click Five, an old pop/rock band that my sis and I [and apparently Sydne] really liked years ago when their CD first came out. We shouted in surprise at seeing it and immediately played it, thinking of the past.

Oh man, the memories. I suddenly remembered a scene of Shelle and me hanging out in our room playing on albums of our favorite bands like on the computer and just chilling and listening to it so many times that we knew most of the lyrics to the songs. Back then, music was my obsession while reading/writing was a side hobby that I enjoyed doing.

Then, when "Just the Girl", the first song on the album came on in the car, I instinctively knew when to start singing and the lyrics came pouring out of my mouth even though I hadn't listened to the song in ages.

Man, don't you love it when that happens? When you haven't heard a song in years, but you still know the lyrics to at least the chorus of it when you hear the song again? Then, memories that are connected to the song comes back, and you remember the simpler times.

To me, it's one of the best moments. Not only does the trip down memory lane lets me remember events that I usually forgot about, but I get to remember and relive the feelings and emotions that the songs brought out in me back then.

Man, I love reminiscing. I think about the future too much now that looking back at the past is a welcomed experience where I don't have worries like I do in the present and future.

Anyway, listen to it! The song [the entire album, actually] is a little cheesy since it's about a guy in love with this girl, but it's one of those old rock/pop songs about love that I can't help look back and think fondly about since I really liked The Click Five back then.

Huh. How did I get from my dream to music nostalgia? o__O


Look! I have a mustache! :{D

Lol. Later.


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