Monday, April 18, 2011

Manga Review: Mikansei No. 1 vol. 1 by Majiko!

Title: Mikansei No. 1 vol. 1
Author: Majiko!
Pages: 208 pages
Publication: November 10, 2009
Publisher: TokyoPop
Summary taken from TokyoPop:
You know what they say: If the century fits, back in time to become a pop-singing sensation!...Vivacious Neo loves to sing and tests the boundaries of 23rd-century modesty with her short, short skirts. When she accidentally time-travels to the 21st century, it's time to sink or sing! Before she knows it, she's teamed up with the handsome Saya as half of the ultimate singing duo. But all her dreams may vanish if they can't put on one great concert. With Saya depending on her, will Neo keep time on her side? 

My Review:

Mikansei No. 1 is a lightheartedly funny shojo manga that has an original plot, amazing artwork, and entertaining characters that are easily likable.

Neo is a hilarious heroine; the things she says and how she acts makes me crack up half of the time. Saya has such a temper, but he's so cute when he's not angry, lol. Nanato is a mysterious little cutie, and the president is such a diva.

There are some elements/scenes in the manga that are typically used throughout most shojo manga, but they were executed nicely enough that I didn't groan when I read them.

So, a pretty good start of a series!

Actually, I just found out that the series only has two volumes, so I can't wait to get my hands on the next one and see how this short series ends.

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