Sunday, October 19, 2014

What's been up lately

I've been really busy lately because of classes, clubs, and friends. I had a midterm to study for, a take-home test to work on, a project to finish, and an assignment that I still need to finish by Tuesday that took up a lot of my time. 

And because I decided to become more involved in clubs this year, they're also taking up a lot of my time. I decided to be in the homecoming performance with MTB, which means coming to practice on Wednesday and Friday nights at eight. I also decided to help out with MViet this year, which means having officer meetings on Monday nights at six or seven and general meetings on Thursdays at six, and I still have to make a flyer and ticket design for an upcoming event by Tuesday. And I also decided to help bring STC back since it pretty much died off last year when the old adviser decided to postpone officer elections until the upcoming year since we only had one nomination for each position, and it turns out that we're going to be having meetings on Mondays at 4:30. Not to mention, Marc and I are volunteering for this group called Real Impact to help gain experience and get an internship with them this summer, so I'm really busy with clubs. D: The earliest I've been home for the past two weeks was probably 7:30.

Trying to make time to see my friends also takes up a lot of my time. Since I barely see them anymore this semester, I try to hangout with at least one of my friends every week, usually Friday, to catch up and chill. Last Friday, I hungout with Cam, and we went around Macon taking pinhole pics for my class. This past Friday, I hungout with Meethu and went to Mercer Madness. Shelle and Kyle came down this weekend so I invited David over to hangout, and Luke and Meethu also ended up coming over as well later on Saturday night, and we ended up playing Never Have I Ever, lol. 

The first round was pretty PG, so the next round ended up being a couples R-Rated version of the game since each couple was bound to both get a point taken off for each statement. In the end, we started off with five fingers for each couple, and Shelle and Kyle were the first couple to get out since they did the most things that we could think of while David and I won since we haven't done much stuff, lol. Then we played Ever Have I Ever, which was the opposite of Never Have I Ever, where people had to state things that they've actually done, and we did that as a couples R-Rated version as well since we were out to ruin friendships and learn so many things about each other, lololol. Yeah, David and I got out first. -__-" Then our parents came home so we ended up going into the game room to chill for a bit before going to my room to watch gross things on YouTube before Luke and Meethu had to go home since it was 11:30. David left, too, since I didn't want my parents to think that he was spending the night again. 

Then, today, I went to temple with Shena, and after doing the usual circle ceremony and lunch, we played games until the monk taught us the next two steps in Tai Chi. Then we went to go look for the pond that was half a mile away in the forest. Shena and Daniel had gotten halfway there with the monk last week, so they thought that they could make it this time with GPS, but that did not happen, lol. We walked around the forest in a C shape, so we ended up near the highway by the time we gave up an hour and a half later. 

I was a bit disappointed that we didn't find the pond after all of the effort we put into our adventure, but it was still fun. It reminded me of the time Krista and I decided to explore the forest at the edge of the farm that I used to live at in Taylor County and how we got lost on the way back for a little bit, lol. All of that exercise definitely wore me out though. I was falling asleep on the drive home and was super exhausted for the rest of the day until I took a shower an hour ago, lol.

But yeah, that's what's been happening lately. I barely get on the computer for anything other than homework and checking my emails lately, which is why it's even harder for me to remember to blog. 

Oh yeah, and I started reading manga again, so I've kind of just been reading that in my free time, which is probably not good, lol. I'm finally getting around to finishing reading Maid-sama! since I found out that it's been completed last year. :D It's so good!

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