Saturday, October 4, 2014

Such a busy Fall Break :'D

I'm going on a triple-date at the fair today, lol. It's with Meethu, Luke, Shelle, Kyle, and David, which is really funny because the last (and only) time Kyle and David met Luke, they totally loved him, so they're both excited to see him again. Basically, the three musketeers are being reunited, and the girlfriends are just gonna be watching them be goofy together all day. XD

But yeah, David's going grocery shopping with his family in Atlanta until around 3-4, so we're not going to the fair until then and are probably going to stay until the fireworks at night. I think Shelle said that they start at 11, so I'm not totally sure if we'll stay for that long, but either way, I know that I'm going to be exhausted by the time we go home.

This isn't good because I need to write a 5-6 page paper by Monday morning. I've only just decided on a topic and got some information to write about. D: Granted, I only started researching a topic last night, but omg, I told myself the last time I basically pulled an all-nighter writing a paper that I wasn't going to do this again for the next paper we had. And I pretty much am going to have to because I've been so busy and social. ;A;

In addition, I have to finish another two assignments for my Instructional Design class for Tuesday and have a Typography midterm on Wednesday. I think I might have an Instructional Design midterm on Thursday as well. DDD: This upcoming week is going to suckkkk.

I said that about every week for the past few weeks, lol. But it's true! There's just so much homework and projects due, and not enough time and motivation. :c

Even though it's Fall Break, I definitely do not have enough time to do all of my homework and catch up with classes like I thought I would. I've been hanging out with people too much and not doing enough homework. For one, I basically spent the whole day with Shelle on Thursday since she came home Wednesday night, so I didn't get any homework accomplished until late at night after she left to go back to Atlanta.

On Friday, I had already made plans for David to come over after he dropped off his sis at school, so my morning and afternoon was busy with him before he left since my mom said she'd come home early. I got some homework done in between that time and after dinner, when Krista called and we used Google Hangout to videochat and catch up since we didn't have much time on the phone the other day. Then, I went out on a double-date with Shelle and Kyle to finally go watch The Maze Runner, which was really good. Afterwards, Shelle told me that the parentals left to go to the farm, so David ended up spending the night and leaving around 8:45 this morning.

And after I dozed around for another hour, I finally got up and started working on my paper before taking a break and deciding to blog about everything, lol. So yeah, know you can see why I'm going crazy thinking about all of the things I need to do this upcoming week since I have terrible time management skills.

We also have temple tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to skip in order to finish my paper and start working on my assignment since Temple usually lasts from 8:30-4, sometimes an hour or two later, and I will be too tired to want to write a paper after all of that. 

Oh look, it's lunch time. I guess I'll extend my break a little longer. :P

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